We invite you to play Bridge in our friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  We are situated in Halifax where we play regular sessions Monday - Friday with special sessions frequently on Saturday and even Sunday.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to commencement of play to ensure a prompt start.  Visitors, new members and new players are always welcome.

Mumford Professional Centre, 6960 Mumford Rd, Suite 160

*** January news ***

January 2020 Calendar - Click here 

Upcoming Classes

  • Beginner bridge! Tell your friends.  Two times:  Mon mornings and Mon evenings, starting Feb 3rd.  See full details here.
  • Advancing players - Stayman, Transfers, Blackwood, etc. Tues AM starting Jan 28th.  See full details here.

January Highlights 

STac Week - Week of Jan 6-12

The only way to get silver points at clubs, and we have 11 STaC games this week! 

Junior Fund Week - Jan 19-25

Proceeds from games go to help support Junior Bridge.  We hope to see you often.

Saturday Jan 25th – Up The Ranks (0-1000)

Our montly team game, with lots of food, refreshments and fun. Sign Up Sheet at the club.

Sunday Jan 26th 11:30am – Pot Luck Pairs!

This game was a big hit over the holidays so we are repeating it in January - it's back by popular demand! Bring a dish or a side of something. We will have lunch for 11:30-12:45 and game time is 1:00. 

Look ahead ... Saturday February 8th – Bridge & Chocolate!


Sign up at club.  This will be a sell out. 


Our Directors are non-playing Directors.  This is so they can be on the floor and available to execute the various duties of a director.  This is to the benefit of all our players.  Hence it would be a rare event for the director to play - and if they did play - it would only to make up a full table - never to create a half table.  So if you do need a partner - we are happy to work with you and compile a list (with phone numbers/emails) of people you are happy to play with.  This allows you to take control of chosing your own partner.  Thank you from the staff at the Studio.   

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