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  • Come join our BBO Team games!  Click here for more info on how Teams works.  We have 0-1000 Teams on Sundays at 1:00pm and Open Teams on Wednesdays at 7:00pm.
  • We also have TWO special Saturday afternoon Club Championship Team games on Shark Bridge --  March 13th 1:00 and March 27th 1:00.

March 2021-2

  • Our Studio page for BBO info and support ... click here 
  • ACBL's info/support for online BBO games ... click here
  • ACBL's info for online learning/lessons ... click here


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ACBL Live Results

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All our club results are posted on BOTH Pianola and ACBL Live, except team games which are only on ACBL Live.


Our Directors are non-playing Directors.  This is so they can be on the floor and available to execute the various duties of a director.  This is to the benefit of all our players.  Hence it would be a rare event for the director to play - and if they did play - it would only to make up a full table - never to create a half table.  So if you do need a partner - we are happy to work with you and compile a list (with phone numbers/emails) of people you are happy to play with.  This allows you to take control of chosing your own partner.  Thank you from the staff at the Studio.   

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