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This Week's Quiz: 


The auction:

South     West     North       East

 1          pass        1           DBL.

 1NT       pass       3 NT         all pass


              North (dummy)

              4 3

              10 9 8

              A Q J 9 8

              A J 6

West                                               East (you)

                                                         K J 6 5

Opening Lead:                               K Q J 7

  2                                                  K 3

                                                         9 4 2

West has led the 2, which strongly suggests a 4-card suit.  You play the K, and for reasons only known to South, they duck the trick.  Could West hold the A?  What should you do now?


Solution to Last Week's Quiz:


You are South and your contact is 4♠.  West leads the A and you can ruff. 

What is your plan for 10 tricks?


         North (dummy)

          A 9 6 5

          K 7 3

          8 4 2

          10 5 3


Lead: A


          South (You)

           K J 10 8 3

           9 6 4

           A K Q J 5





All seems well as long as you can avoid losing 1 spade and 3 hearts.  You will trump the opening lead and plan to play on spade. If you use the old saying “Eight ever, nine never” you will be going down ONE! You can afford to finesse the spade suit as long as you plan to play low from your hand into the East hand.  One thing you cannot do is allow West to win a spade as a Heart lead through your K is dangerous.