M C & G  Bridge Studio   22-Apr-2018

TIP OF THE WEEK: Looking for gold points?  Get a team and come and play in the Grand National Teams District 1 finals.  The Bridge Studio Saturday May 12, 2018.  There are TWO flights. A=Open 100% gold point awards.  Flight B Open to players with fewer than 2500 Masterpoints 84% Regionally rated gold point overall awards (1st place = 18 gold points).  This is a TWO session team game.  First session begins at 10:30am, second session TBA.  Please register your team by emailing kmacnab@eastlink.ca

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Micheal Hogan and Peter Mullally - not only placed FIRST at the Bridge Studio's Rookie/Master game on Tuesday but did so with 71.88% - what a showing, let us see if it holds together for a NATIONAL win.  Thursday night was a big night for Linda Macleod and Linda Meldrum as they had a 71.83% game.  Congratulations to Terry & Marcia Shaw for a first place finish in the FAST PAIRS game Saturday.  25 boards starting at 11:08 and ending at 1:12 pm - nicely done everyone.  Today was the famous "Up the Ranks" with the winning team of Linda Walker, Marilyn Bernardo, Mike Ross and Daniel Labrie.

The Canadian Atlantic Regional Tournament is just around the corner - want to hone up your game?
Monday morning - Killing Defense - exploring what to do when you are the SECOND person to play to a trick.  Second hand low?  Cover and Honour with an Honour?  Sometime yes and sometime NO!  Monday 9:30 am
Thursday morning with Gary - the ever popular Thursday practice play continues this week as Gary Brown is already to improve your bidding with upgrading some of your basic knowledge.  9:30 START

THURSDAY EVENING - 7:00 Charity Club Championship with TRIPLE Masterpoint awards.  Come for 6:30 as Kathie will be giving a 'brief' talk on "ways to investigate SLAMS".  Ace asking is not the only way to let partner know you are interested in slam and want to keep it a partnership agreement.  There will be 4 hands incorporated into the hands you will be playing to practice your technique.
TUESDAY - for an extra $1.00 you can support our Bridge Aces Alzheimer Walking team.  Tuesday afternoon is the under 500 pairs game.  Victor is in charge, come and play for TRIPLE Masterpoints.  Tuesday night OPEN pairs - TRIPLE points for overall winners.
Special Treat Friday morning - 9:30 - Charity Club Championship TRIPLE points for players with fewer than 150 masterpoints. Afternoon game will be held for all those not going up to Truro for the Don Cox Memorial tournament.

THIS WEEK'S BRIDGE QUIZ -- is once again attached to this email or to enjoy online click here: <Weekly Quiz>

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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