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HELEN SHIELDS ROOKIE/MASTER GAMETuesday April 17th - 12:30.  As your Zone director for the Canadian Bridge Federation I am pleased that we can offer this game to you.  We still have room for more rookies and of course we cannot hold an event of this importance without the help of the MASTERS.  Please let me know if you are available to play.  All ROOKIES have fewer than 50 masterpoints; and all MASTERS have an interest in growing bridge and a good sense of humour.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Running your long suit.  It is often wise to take a second look before hastily running your long suit.  Make sure you have established the rest of the tricks to make your contract.  It is embarrassing to run your long suit and then realize you have to unguard some thing in your hand (or dummy) while you take your tricks.  If you need to knock out a high card in another suit to get your required tricks you might want to do that BEFORE you run your long suit.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: To the Charlie Chaplin House for the fine performance during Anniversary week and Hazel Harlow for the overall Point winner. See all the final scores, happenings and who received the prizes for the most masterpoint and most spirit points for the week LINK HERE.  If you did not stay after the game on Saturday and you are to receive a prize - I will catch you this week.  As always it was a lot of fun and I want to thank everyone for contributing to a wonderful week.
CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNERS of the 199er TEAM game today - Colin Bennington, Nancy Nap, Ron Harnish & Lorraine Heffler.  Runners up were Guenter Hahn, Trudy Hahn, Claire Gainforth & Robert Gainforth.  Thank you Liz for a great game.

WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK - and the games keep rolling in. So much to do - so little time.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT (7:00) HANDICAPPED TEAM GAME.  NEW and Special team event.  Handicapping will be done on a per round basis.  Levelling the playing field so everyone can have a great time, and win some points.  4 rounds, 6 boards each. $10.00 each
UP THE RANKS - This SUNDAY - April 22nd - 12:30. Victor really looks forward to seeing everyone and he will just be finished exams, so he is delighted to host/direct this game.  If you have not signed up, there is still room, give me a call (902-443-4676) or email (kmacnab@eastlink.ca) if you need a partner or team mates.
SATURDAY APRIL 21st - Our third FAST PAIRS Event.  This was such a success we will try and hold one each month.  This month we are holding the "Alan Doane Charity Club Championship game".  Just ONE session from 11:00 - 1:10.  This will leave room for all of those attending Alan Doane's "Celebration of Life" services at The First Baptist Church, Oxford Street - 2:00 pm.
THURSDAY 6:30 - Advancing Players Bridge Topic - this week will be - "What to expect from partner when they have overcalled and made another bid".  Game time is 7:00.  Also for anyone interested the Competitive Bidding class will embark on OVERCALLS - how be effective.

- Thursday at 9:30 - Bridge clinic with Gary Brown with Practice Play to follow with the Bridge Team available to answer questions and help you understand the bidding.
- Beginner Bridge with Alan Graves.  Now that everyone is comfortable with playing the game, Alan will start fine tuning what you should expect from the bidding and some play technique.
- "Just Play Bridge" - all those things you learn in classes mean nothing if you do not come and PLAY THE GAME.  Join Liz on Mondays for her "pearl of wisdom" and some relaxed play time.  Monday evenings 6:45/7:00

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