M C & G  Bridge Studio   8-Apr-2018

TIP OF THE WEEK: When holding nine cards in a suit and you are missing the Queen, it is slightly better odds to play your high honours (the Ace & King) and hope to drop the Queen.  But if you can finesse into the ‘safe’ hand you might be better to do that so you can guarantee the contract.

The Bridge Studio celebrates its 20th Anniversary!!
Please find attached a copy of the program for the week.

Mostly you want to remember to:
  - Wear your house colours - this will earn 25 spirit points for your house.
  - If you can bring something along for the "Theme of the Day" you can win 50, 75 or more Spirit points for your house.
  - Play - just being at the Studio earns points for your House - remember Masterpoints are multiplied by 10 for House points.
  - Prizes for all winners in each stratum for every game.
  - Snacks & Refreshments -- all week.
  - Winning house will be presented with a plaque on Saturday April 14th as well as special prizes for the most point getters on each house.

MONDAY - First day of celebration - we will have celebration cake with ice cream!!  Afternoon game is OPEN and Stratified.  More cake for Monday evening "Just Play Bridge" we have special prizes for the winners.
Monday features - INVENTIONS of the 1920s.  You would be amazed at what everyday items were created in the 20's - bring something to your game on Monday and win BONUS points for your house.
TUESDAY is Gangsters and Gambling. Find your best gangster look - bring your team symbol and colours!
Keep watching the Bridge Studio web page for more information and up to date information for how the teams are doing!
Emails and updates will be emailed periodically during the week. < Link for anniversary Week Details >

******************* SPECIAL EVENTS THIS WEEK
Wednesday Night - "8 is Enough Team Game" - Put your team together.  Players with more than 2000 points have a value of  "3".  If you have 300-2000 you have a "2".  All players with fewer than 300 points are valued with a "1" - total for your team -8!  Need help with teams - contact me  (kmacnab@eastlink.ca) or leave a message at the Studio (902-446-3910)

Friday Evening - 7:00 - INDIVIDUAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - No partner needed. This is a time to meet other players, have some fun and enjoy the game - Refreshments and fun at the tables.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON - 12:30.  Strati-flighted team game.  4 rounds, 7 boards.  Two sections - Stratified top flight and stratified bottom half.  Sign up sheet at the Studio - need help finding a team - contact me (kmacnab@eastlink.ca) or call 902-446-3910, or simply just leave a note with the director.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS:  CONGRATULATIONS to Shirley Leblanc and Sandra Hanson for their 70.24% Wednesday Afternoon game.

- Thursday at 9:30 - Bridge clinic with Gary Brown with Practice Play to follow with the Bridge Team available to answer questions and help you understand the bidding.

New Classes start this week featuring:
- Bridge Basics - Learning the game starts Tuesday 11-Apr at 9:30am and Wednesday 12-Apr at 7:00pm
- Basics 2  -Competitive Bidding starts Thursday 5-Apr at 7:00pm  Lesson 2 - Weak 2 -  the ins & outs
- Popular Conventions - 8 week course starts Tuesday 3-Apr. at 9:30am
- Killer Defense - 6 week course starts Monday 9-Apr. at 9:30am  This week - choosing the Killing Lead!!

  For more information on lessons: <Click Here>

THIS WEEKS BRIDGE QUIZ -- is once again attached to this email or to enjoy online click here: <Weekly Quiz>

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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