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TIP OF THE WEEK: As declarer you should generally try to win with the higher (or highest) of touching cards.  By doing so, you disguise your holding. 

EASTER MONDAY - PLEASE NOTE - The Bridge Studio is OPEN for duplicate  bridge and "Just  Play Bridge" Monday afternoon and evening.  THE MONDAY MORNING CLASSES WILL BEGIN NEXT WEEK APRIL 9th


KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS:  CONGRATULATIONS to Maureen Zinn and Linda Mills for their 74.17% Tuesday Afternoon game.


Please find attached - the April calendar, lesson schedule, Learn Bridge in a Day Poster as well as this week's quiz


THIS WEEK at THE BRIDGE STUDIO:  Here is what we have for Spring:
This week features three Charity Club Championship Games with the extra $1.00 being split between the N.S. Alzheimer's Society and the CBF Charity foundation and TRIPLE masterpoints for the players.  Come and play!

Tuesday afternoon at 12:30 - Charity Club Championship - triple masterpoint game ($ 11.00).


Thursday evening *NEW* start at 7:00 to finished by 9:40 - Charity Club Championship - ($10.00 Special ) for players with less than 500 masterpoints. At 6:30 Kathie has a mini-lesson with handouts - and something to really improve your game.


Friday afternoon 12:30 - Charity Club Championship - triple masterpoint game ( $ 11.00 ).


Calling all Directors (and prospective directors)  Wednesday at 7:00 we have a meeting with anyone who wishes to find out about being a bridge game director.  Refreshments will be served.

MONDAY evening at 7:00 "Just Play Bridge" - a fun relaxed 2 hours game where help is available - come for 6:45 and hear Liz's "Pearl of Wisdom" - We have chocolate for the winners (no masterpoints, just fun)!


- BEGINNER BRIDGE PLAYERS - Monday evening at 7:00 Kathie will be demonstrating an alternate way of scoring - Rubber Bridge Style, great for at home and away.  Shuffle play, add together your part scores - have fun.-- NO Charge.

Tuesday at 9:30 - Two great classes will begin this TUESDAY at 9:30.  Competitive Bidding and Popular Conventions.  Please see attached for more information.

- Thursday at 9:30 - Bridge clinic with Gary Brown with Practice Play to follow with the Bridge Team available to answer questions and help you understand the bidding.  Gary has some great stuff to improve our game, beginning with getting a good understanding of the language of bidding.

Thursday 6:30 Kathie will be beginning her new "Topics' Sessions on improving your bridge.  To get things underway this week Kathie will be discussing "The Art of Balancing", a  major way to get into the game or make your opponents to over judge their hands and bid 'one too high'.  GAME TIME 7:00 CHARITY CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP $10.00


- Bridge in a Day -- Saturday April 7th 10:30 - 2:00  FREE Bridge Introduction.  Bring a friend!!
- BB1 Bridge Basics - Learning the game starts Tuesday 11-Apr at 9:30am and Wednesday 12-Apr at 7:00pm
- Defense with Kathie - 6 week course starts Monday 9-Apr. at 9:30am

  For more information on lessons: <Click Here>

HEADS UP - Celebrating the Bridge Studio's 20th ANNIVERSARY April 9th - 14th - Be Ready for a ROARING GOOD TIME!

THIS WEEKS BRIDGE QUIZ -- is once again attached to this email or to enjoy online click here: <Weekly Quiz>

See you at the tables,
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