M C & G  Bridge Studio   11-Mar-2018

TIP OF THE WEEK: When the responder is a PASSED HAND - and now bids and REBIDS the same suit, you should consider why they did not open a Weak Two in the first place.  If the suit bid and rebid, by responder is a Major suit it is likely they have 6 of that major and 4 of the other.  Since most reliable bidders will not open a weak two in one major with 4 cards in the other major.

CELEBRATION - Saturday March 17, 2018 12:30 - UP the RANKS (0-1000 team game), St. Patrick's Day PLUS the Bridge Studio's Official 20th Anniversary - We have Cake, candy and lots of goodies.   Celebrating as a CHARITY CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP.  If you have not signed up your team yet - let us know - we can find you partners or team-mates!  Victor is on duty and Kathie will be there to caddy!  Team games are fun, and relaxed and our Up the Ranks has always been the BEST - see you at the tables.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Kudos for the wonderfully successful FAST PAIRS game held Sunday (2 sessions).  Everyone completed 24 boards in the 2 hour time limit.  And Everyone thoroughly enjoyed one or both sessions - Imagine in by 10:30 and out by 3:15 - 48 hands of bridge and lunch too!  What a day!  And CONGRATULATIONS to Clare Coolen and Elayne Andrews for winning both Fast Pairs games on Sunday.

 - MONDAY 7:00 "Just Play Bridge"  - a fun relaxed 2 hours game where help is available - come for 6:45 and hears Liz's "Pearl of Wisdom" - We have chocolate for the winners  (no masterpoints, just fun)
 - Wednesday Morning at 9:30 is an OPEN Club Championship pairs game for all players - prizes for winners in each stratum.
 - Wednesday Evening at 7:00 is a Club Championship pairs game with 1 section open and the other section for players with fewer than 100 Masterpoints - more prizes! Refreshments for everyone.
Thursday Afternoon 12:30 is an OPEN Club Championship pairs game for all players - winners - don't forget to collect your prize.
 - THURSDAY EVENING 6:30 - Come and play we will have some cheese/crackers/snacks  for everyone. Our beginners will be having a 'practice session' and their tables  will be added to the duplicate tables for added masterpoint awards. Beginning in APRIL  - Thursday evening 999er will be moving back to 7:00 pm.
 - Saturday afternoon at 12:30 is the Up the Ranks Charity Club Championship team game for players with fewer than 1000 masterpoints (The Bridge Studio's 20th  Anniversary & St. Patrick's Day)
SPECIAL GAME - -  Wednesday Evening March 21st at 7:00 will be a Pro-Am Club Championship team game.  Get your team together - Rookies are any pair with less than 300 Masterpoints - Pros, let me know if you would like to play, we can find you some great rookies.  There is a sign-up sheet at the Bridge Studio.  For players who need 2 or 3 more team mates please contact Bill at BHalliday@eastlink.ca or call 902-443-4676

 - Monday March 19th and March 26th - 9:30am.  Kathie has a 2-week workshop to make you SHARP at the table.  Looking at the cards and taking in the inferences from the bidding and drawing good conclusions. This is what makes people say you have "Card Sense" - it is all from looking at the cards.
 - Thursday at 9:30 Practice Play: Gary is back and is moving on to some good solid information on THE TAKE OUT DOUBLE. Practice Play to follow with hands to practice what you have just learned. The Bridge Team will be there to answer questions and help you understand the bidding.
   If you do not receive the weekly quiz from Gary and want to - please email Kathie at kmacnab@eastlink.ca
BEGINNER BRIDGE PLAYERS - Thursday evening at 6:30 is a special review, play and practice.  Kathie will have 8 hands taken directly from your text book for you to play on Thursday night.  You will have a chance to score and test yourselves. We are inviting all students from 2018 and 2017 Bridge Basics classes -- NO Charge.

HEADS UP - Celebrating the Bridge Studio's 20th ANNIVERSARY April 9th - 14th - Be Ready for a ROARING GOOD TIME!

THIS WEEKS BRIDGE QUIZ -- is once again attached to this email or to enjoy online click here: <Weekly Quiz>
See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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