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TIP OF THE WEEK:When you make a take out double - you normally show at least an opening bid and at least THREE cards in all the unbid suits.  However when you make a take out double and then introduce a NEW suit on your next bid you show a minimum of 17 HCP and a very good suit.  With a decent 5 card suit consider overcalling the suit.  If the opponents support each other; on your next bid you can make a take out double promising at least 3 cards in the unbid suit(s) and 13+ points partner will now get the picture of your hand.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the final CNTC club qualifying game - Leo Weniger, Russell Boyle, Rod Mackenzie & Terry Shaw flight A.  Flights B & C were: Linda Walker, Marilyn Bernardo, Daniel Labrie and Michael Ross.  The Canadian championships will be held in Montreal May 25 - June 3, 2018. Consider making the trip!  It is a wonderful venue, accommodations are reasonable and you can meet all the great Canadian players.  The Canadian Championships not only feature our own CHAMPIONSHIP games but have several Regional events as well.

WHAT IS UP THIS WEEK at THE BRIDGE STUDIO: January is Junior Fund month with special junior fund games where $1.00 per person goes to supporting our Junior (youth & kids) teams - NO extra charge - but extra masterpoints.

Wednesday January 17th - 12:45 for 199ers only!
Wednesday January 17th - 7:00 - stratified field (A,B,C) $6.00 and the 99er field $5.00.  If you have not played on Wednesday night in 2018 - speak to the director for a special discount!!  Remember the tables in the 99er section allow for MORE masterpoints in the stratified field.
SATURDAY January 20th - we have 20 teams to date and can only accommodate 2 more teams - if you are wanting to play please email me asap (I do have one team looking for one player)  Game time 12:30.  $12.00 with lots of snacks. As with all the games at the Bridge Studio, this game is run by our friendly, professional director to have it run smoothly and quietly.

** Special ** for those players with under 500 masterpoints you can play in either the Tuesday evening or the Friday afternoon games at the Bridge Studio for only $2.00 for the rest of January.  Great way to play up with the experienced players to see how they play this great game of ours.

LESSONS begin this week.  For the up and coming players come in on Monday morning at 9:30 for Kathie & Kantar - this week we will discuss the FIRST trick. The lessons in this series are NEW, with NEW hands to play and concepts to understand.  These are multi-level classes to help you THINK at the bridge table.
BEGINNER CLASSES - we had a very successful "Bridge in a Day" and several new students are coming into our midst - if you know of someone looking to learn to play, our beginner classes are being held Monday mornings at 9:30am and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm.
Intermediate classes: Tuesday mornings (9:30).  Competitive Bidding and Popular Conventions.

Sunday January 21, 2018 -  Basic Defense with Victor - Defenders should not  settle to just take the remaining tricks, they should learn to work together to take a few tricks away from declarer.  You  will do this through signals - some are very easy, come to Victors lecture and see how you can begin to understand good  defensive strategies.  11:00 - 2:00.  $17.50.  Register either online  www.bridgestudio.org or via email:  victor.lamoureux@gmail.com or kmacnab@eastink.ca

THURSDAY PRACTICE PLAY - Gary Brown if back for another round of his exceptional Bridge Clinic, last week was a tremendous success and everyone is wanting more.  $12.00 per person for this wonderful lecture and then a chance to play some hands.  Don't miss your chance - Thursday at 9:30am

If you have any questions about any of the classes please do not hesitate to email me - kmacnab@eastink.ca or check out the website using the following link: <lesson information>

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
The contract is 3NT by South
The opening lead is the H-6 you play LOW from dummy and East plays the H-9 and you win the H-Q.
What is your plan for 9 tricks?

S J 4 2
H A J 8 2
D A Q J 10
C 8 4

      South (you)
S A Q 3
H Q 5 4
D K 9 4
C Q 7 5 3
Lead: 6H, East plays 9H and you win the HQ.

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:    After this auction:
West     North     East    South
                1D       pass      1S
Pass        3D**    pass      3NT   **the 3D rebid not only shows a decent hand but
All Pass                                        A GOOD Diamond suit as well (source of tricks)

              North (dummy)
               S Q 6
               H 9 8 6
               D A K Q 10 9 6
               C A 8
West (you)                                East
S A 10 9 7
H K 7 5 4 2                             H - J
D J 7
C 10 5
               South (declarer)
               Wins the Heart Ace and then plays 2-Spade

You lead the H-4, the H-6 is played from dummy, partner plays the H-J, and declarer wins the H-A.  Declarer then leads the S-2.   Can you make the following deductions:
1.    Who has the H-Q?  EAST!  If declarer held the A & Q they would have won the Queen NOT the Ace.
2.    How many tricks does declarer have?  8 TRICKS - You can count 6 diamond tricks, 1 club trick and 1 Heart.
3.    What is YOUR plan when declarer leads the S-2 at  trick two?  WIN the Spade Ace and play a low heart.  This is not a time for second hand low, that would give declarer 9 tricks!!
This quiz is from the Better Bridge Magazine Jan/Feb. 2017 an exceptional tool for up and coming players.  To subscribe contact Baron Barclay 1-800-274-2221

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio


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