M C & G  Bridge Studio   19-Nov-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: One of the best ways to improve your game is to work on it yourself and ask for advice.  At the end of a game check out the web page for the results and see why you got a poor score on a board you thought you did well on.  Did you simply not make as many tricks as the rest of the field?  Or did you slip a trick on defense?  If you cannot see it yourself - ask someone whose play you appreciate.  The double ‘dummy result’ on the hand records may not be a good indicator – check and see how other people did.  Check it out at - www.bridgestudio.org

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: I am sending a VERY BIG Thank you to everyone who has helped me for the past several years with the Unit 194 Fall Sectional.  I have just finished chairing my LAST tournament and soon someone else will take it over.  Maybe you would like to volunteer.  Contact Lydia Prange (prangelydia@gmail.com), Unit 194 president, for details.

This week at the Bridge Studio:  
The Johnny D fundraised for Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission.  THIS Friday at 7:00.  We have lots of nice prizes to draw for and we will have a variety of snacks and wine & beer (Steve says "contributions are welcomed").  Come early and socialize. Get tickets from Steve Anderson just $10.00 for bridge and door prizes!!

Wednesday evening 7:00 - Canadian Open Pairs AND a 99er pairs.
Friday 12:30 - Canadian Open Pairs ($11.)
Friday 7:00 - Upgraded CC - Johnny D fundraiser for Soul's Harbour
Saturday 12:30 - Up the Ranks 0-1000 Team Game. ($12.)

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
The Auction:
North Opens 1-H, Pass by east, South bids 1S, Pass by West.
North bids 2-S, pass by East and South bids 4-S.
What is your opening lead holding the following:
     S - Q 10 7 3
     H - 8
     D - Q 4 2
     C - Q J 10 7 3

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:  North opens the bidding with 1-D and you  (South) bid to 3NT – this is not a STOP bid but shows precisely 13 – 15 HCP with no 4-card major (some players would bid 2NT to show this hand, but in modern bidding 2NT would show 11-12 invitational) – be sure you and your partner have an agreement on this.
West leads their S-5 (typically 4th best, longest and strongest).  What is your plan?

          S – 9 4
          H – Q J 7 6
          D – K Q 6 5
          C – A J 6
Lead: S – 5
          S – A 7 6
          H – A 9 8
          D – J 10 9
          C – K Q 8 5
As south you have SIX sure tricks; 4 clubs, the S-A and H-A.  How do you plan to develop THREE more tricks?
Solution:  The opponents have 8 spades between them – and the odds suggest they will break 5-3, and the lead looks  like West might have the 5-card  suit.  There is a finesse available in the heart suit, but that would take you into the West hand – which would not be a good idea.  Your other chance is to knock out the D-A, after all it is 50-50 between East & West.  Hoping that East has the H-A,  you must wait to win your S-A.  So refuse to win a spade until the third round.  Take your four club tricks (just in case someone discards incorrectly), now play a Diamond.  If East wins and is out of spades – you are in luck.  Once East wins and play a heart – don’t get greedy, it is a death wish; grab your H-A then your three diamond tricks, for a total of NINE tricks.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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