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TIP OF THE WEEK: "The Reverse" – the textbook definition is when ‘Opener’ introduces a higher-ranking second suit at the two level, after a one-over-one response, whether you 'play reverses' or not this is what the situation is.  As the opener when you put your partner in a position to take preference to your first bid suit at the three-level, you have made a 'reverse' bid.  Since your partnership needs about 23 HCP to take 9 tricks – opener should have enough to cover the potential of partner’s SIX HCP.  So it figures that opener should hold a good 16 to 21 playing points.  A 'Jump shift' is another story - I have a tip for that Next Week.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Monday evening at 7:00 is our NON-sanctioned "Just Play Bridge" game. Many thanks to Liz Legacy who gives the tip and answers questions throughout the game, but also our gratitude to Doug and Carol Hamilton are a tremendous help (especially when there are 14 or more tables playing!).  Know anyone that wants a gentle game to play - bring them to Monday night - tip at 6:45, game starts at 7:00 and ends at 9:00.  Since only about 14 hands are played, BIG games do make the 70% board - but I would be amiss if I did not CONGRATULATE Gerry Porter & Marilyn Robertson for their smashing 80.37% last Monday!!
I also want to thank Steve Anderson for putting together our Christmas Charity Game for Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission.  Our friend, John Dunsworth supported many charities and we would like to honour John with this special game on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24th - 7:00.  Here is a message from Steve.
Tribute to John Dunsworth

Charity Bridge game @ the Studio (extra master points) Proceeds to go to Souls Harbour Rescue Mission
Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Bridge Studio....limited number...COST $10
When? FRIDAY 24 Nov. •    Time: 7 pm
Door prizes: Men’s large Athletic jacket and toque AND 5x7 painting from Jeanne Aisthorpe Smith (renowned N.S. artist  who exhibits at Secord Gallery and Harvest Gallery)
Auction: Necklace and matching earrings (see ATTACHED PHOTO) from Hill 100 Coastal Designs AND Grohman belt knife...both Nova Scotian, both valued over $100.
Cash Bar
Pot Luck finger food
50-50 Draw

This week at the Bridge Studio:
Monday November 13th - 12:30 - Canadian Open Pairs (extra points, extra $1.)
Wednesday November 15th - 7:00 - 20th ANNUAL BRIDGE STUDIO MEMORIAL GAME - Please join us as we remember those that are no longer at the tables.  An upgraded Club Championship game - TWO sections 99er and OPEN.  Special Snacks.

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
North opens the bidding with 1-D and you (South) bid to 3NT – this is not a STOP bid but shows precisely 13 – 15 HCP with no 4-card major (some partnerships agree to bid 2NT to show this hand, but in modern bidding 2NT would show 11-12 – but you and your partner have an agreement).
West leads their S-5 (typically 4th best, longest and strongest).  What is your plan?

           S – 9 4
           H – Q J 7 6
           D – K Q 6 5
           C – A J 6
Lead: S – 5
           S – A 7 6
           H – A 9 8
           D – J 10 9
           C – K Q 8 5
As declarer you have SIX sure tricks; 4 clubs, the S-A and H-A.  How do you plan to develop THREE more tricks?

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
You have bid confidently to 6 Hearts.  The opening lead is the C-A and you ruff the second club in the dummy.  Now to plan your play - what can go wrong?
           North (dummy)
           S – A K Q 9 7 5
           H – K J 8 7 5
           D – 7    
           C – Q
Opening Lead: C – A
          South (declarer)
          S – 6 4
          H – A 9 6 4 3
          D – A J 8 6
          C – J 8

Answer: All appears well, the only haunting item is whether the suits will break badly.  With hearts as trump you are only missing 3 hearts and expect them to break 2-1, so not a problem.  BUT just in case one of the opponents has all three trumps you want to be able to handle it – you are missing the H-Q and H-10 the only way to pick up all three in one hand is IF they are all with west and you can play toward the H-K & J in dummy.  Therefore, to be safe, start with the H-A in your hand you will be rewarded as East will show out, and now you can pickup all the trumps. To be SAFE with the spade suit, play the S-A & S-K, oops West is out of spades (you will notice if you watch the cards, now you can ruff a spade since you see that East has 4 spades.  So even when it seems easy as pie, play with caution. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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