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TIP OF THE WEEK: Here is a repeat of one of my favourite bits of advice from Jerry Helms.  To repeat - When looking at your hand, counting your points and deciding what to bid - remember as you choose your first bid - plan your second bid.  The Jerryism "Always plan your second bid before making your first bid".

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Peter Ineson has asked me to thank all the people who have contributed can tabs to the RCMP Veterans Association wheelchair program, the latest bag full is from Margi Lawrence - with Thanks.   CONGRATULATIONS to Mark Golding and Robert Kitchen for coming first in the North American Pairs 18 table final held yesterday, second place Gary Brown and Mike Tanner, third - Andrew Endendijk and Marilyn Rudolph.  Next step - Philadelphia PN.

Tuesday (7th) @ 12:30 (499er game) the District 1 Charity Game (note extra charge applies - but also District recognition)
Wednesday (8th) 7:00 - Canadian Open Pairs & 99er game -- TRIPLE points
Thursday (9th) 12:30 - Canadian Open Pairs - TRIPLE RED

Learning Opportunity - Join Terry on Thursday evening (6:30) for Opening Leads vrs NoTrump - week TWO, now that you know the Rule of 11 . . .

This week's Bridge Quiz:
You have bid confidently to 6 Hearts.  The opening lead is the C-A and you ruff the second club in the dummy.  Now to plan your play - what can go wrong.
          North (dummy)
          S A K Q 9 7 5
          H K J 8 7 5
          D 7
          C Q
Opening Lead: C A
         South (declarer)
         S 8 4
         H A 9 6 4 3
         D A J 8 6
         C J 8

(from Card Combinations workshop, Ginny & Jeff Schuett)

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
Why planning the play is important!  In the hand below your contract is 3NT and West leads the H-Q.  You must make a plan BEFORE you play to trick one.  What is your plan?
         North (dummy)
          S 6 5 3
          H A 9 6
          D 9 7 3
          C A Q 6 3
Lead: H-Q
         South (declarer)
         S A 8 4 2
         H K 7 2
         D A K 6 2
         C - K J

Answer: You have nine tricks for the taking 1 spade, 2 hearts, 2 diamonds and 4 clubs.  If on the H-Q you quickly took your H-A you have no chance to make this contract, because in order to take your clubs you will be forced to overtake your C-J with the C-Q  and that will only leave you with three club tricks.  SO at trick one count your tricks, now recognize that the H-A is the entry to your extra clubs.  Win the H-K, play the C-K and C-J then over to the H-A and take your remaining clubs back to the S-A and D-A&K for nine tricks.  But only if you make a plan at TRICK #1.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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