M C & G  Bridge Studio   8-Oct-2017

HAPPY THANKSGIVING  to you and your family from Bill & Kathie.  Enjoy your time together.  Monday at 12:30 will be a Thanksgiving Club Appreciation Game.

TIP OF THE WEEK: What is your criteria for opening the bidding in third seat?  Several experts suggest it is permissible to open in third seat with a KING less than a first or second seat opener – but it is not automatic, and you do NOT HAVE to open.  So use some judgment – some simple tips to “opening light”.  Since you might well only get in one bid – have it be the suit you would like partner to lead should you end up defending. Check to see you can pass whatever your partner responds, because if you take a second bid, partner will believe that you have the strength of an opening bid.  If you really have no reason to bid in third seat – then pass, likely your LHO will open.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Saturday 'Gold Dust' Appreciation TEAM game - TIED in the A/X teams: Alan Doane, Del Knox, Rod Mackenzie, & Russell Keating AND Brenda Kirby, Jim Kirby, Liz Legacy & Kathie Macnab.  In the B,C, D  flight the winners also tied: Karla Zwicker, Barb Croft, Sheila Baird & Joy Bookholt AND Maxine Cordon, Janet Benvie, Brian Ferguson & Alan Barnett, I hope all the winners picked up their prizes - come see me if you did not get your FIRST PLACE PRIZE.  I would also like to thank all those that contributed  to the 'snack table' it made for an even greater day.

SPECIAL GAMES THIS WEEK:  CLUB APPRECIATION MONTH CONTINUES:  You can enjoy your extra masterpoints at no extra cost for all our Club Appreciation Games.

Monday (9th) 12:30
Tuesday(10th) 12:30 - 499er
Wednesday (11th) 9:30 am
Wednesday (11th) at 7:00 will be a COPC game for the OPEN field and a regular game for the 99ers.  Lots of  good snacks will be on hand - and don't forget the ice cream in the freezer.
October 'Up the Ranks' will be held on Saturday October 21st 12:30 - Jill promises it will be a "Spooktacular" event.  offering more Gold Dust for the players.
Erin Berry ROOKIE/MASTER game - Wednesday October 18th at 7:00.  Please sign up on the sheet at the  Bridge Studio.  I have lots of rookies - now I need the Masters - what a better way  to build our bridge  community.  Masters - pleasant players who want our club to grow, Rookies - new players with fewer than 50 Masterpoints.

This weeks Bridge Quiz:
Partner opens the bidding with 2NT.  What is your responding bid with the following hand:
        S – A 4
        H – K 8 3
        D – K Q 10 9 7 6 4
        C – 3

Solution to Last Week's Quiz::
Your contract is  6 Hearts.  The opening lead  is the C-10.
What is your plan to make 12 tricks (hint – the trump suit will break 3-2).

         S – A J 8 4
         H – K 8 7 4
         D – J 6
         C – K J 8
Lead: C-10
         South – declarer
         S – K 6
         H – A 9 6 3
         D – A K 7 4
         C – A Q 5
Answer: This hand is EASY provided that you do not draw the last trump from the opponents, and of course that the trumps break 3-2.  Win the opening club lead and then play the H-A and H-K, leaving the WINNING trump in the opponent’s hands.  Now play your winners – the 2 other club honours, the H-A & H-K, and the S-A & S-K.  The opponent with the queen of trumps can take their trick when they want it and you STILL have 2 extra trumps in your hand and two on the table.  Next you will cross-ruff, you have two spade losers and two diamond losers – your plan is to ruff them out.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio


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