M C & G  Bridge Studio   1-Oct-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: Often times during an auction you get ‘stuck’ on what to bid.  Experienced players might say to choose the ‘best lie’.  Jerry Helms would suggest that “The best available bid is often the least bad alternative”.  Strive to find bids that best describe the cards you hold and remember bridge is NOT an exact science.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to Gary Brown and Hind Blick for their 70.14% game on Thursday September 27th.  Saturday 'Up the Ranks" winners: Maureen Zinn,  David Connell, Milton Chew and Barbara Keddy - WELL DONE!  Also Kudos to those that stayed after last Wednesday's game for a glass of wine to review some hands and receive some tips (thanks Del for your help).

SPECIAL GAMES THIS WEEK:  Here it is CLUB APPRECIATION MONTH.  Jane Johnson was the epitome of customer service for the ACBL. She knew all the answers to us club managers who called and she instigated the famous "Coffee with Jane" at NABCs.  The ACBL truly appreciated Jane and The Bridge Studio truly appreciates you, our players for all you do for the game. This month we have games that offer triple points and a couple that offer a smattering of gold.
Here is what is up this week:

Wednesday (4th) @ 7:00 - club apprecation game (and stay after for a glass of wine and post-game chat).   TWO sections - OPEN & 99ers (99er game is finished by 9:30 and the OPEN game is 10:10. And check out the great snacks we will have.
Friday (6th) Canada Wide Fund Game @ 12:30
Saturday 7th MORNING - GOLD POINT TEAM GAME - 11:59 start $12.00. PLEASE NOTE THE EARLIER START TIME.  The Studio will have some bagels, muffins & fruit just in case you miss breakfast.  FYI - This will be a stratiflighted game over/under 1250.  I have a couple of 'C' players looking for team mates.  Also looking for more 1250 + teams

This Week's Bridge Quiz:
Your contract is 6 Hearts.  The opening lead  is the C-10.
What is your plan to make 12 tricks (hint – the trump suit will break 3-2).

          S – A J 8 4
          H – K 8 7 4
          D – J 6
          C – K J 8
          South – declarer
          S – K 6
          H – A 9 6 3
          D – A K 7 4
          C – A Q 5

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
Partner open the bidding with 1 club and you hold:
S – J 8 3
H – J 7 4 2
D – Q 8 6 3
C – 8 5
What is your call?

ABSWER: Pass – A 1-club opening is not forcing!  With fewer than 6 points, responder should pass; otherwise, the partnership is likely to get too high.  Opener is more likely to have four, five or six clubs than three.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio



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