M C & G  Bridge Studio   24-Sep-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: When partner opens 1H and you have five spades and three hearts your dilemma is whether to support or bid new suit.  Here is a suggestion from Kantar & Helms:  Raise to 2H with 6-8 HCP (support with support). With 9-11 HCP, respond 1S and bid 3H at your next opportunity.
          a.   S. KQ876   H. Q43   D. 65    C. 876 -- Raise 1H to 2H   
          b.   S. KQ876   H. AJ3    D. 65   C. 876 -- Respond 1S and if partner rebids 2C, 2D or 2H, bid 3H.  

WEDNESDAY NIGHT BRIDGE - 7:00 pm  We would like to have TWO sections on Wednesday night - OPEN and 99ers.  Upon request - the 0-100 players want to be out early.  So here is the plan - -  the game is ONLY $8.00 each (BoGo still  applies) and we will play 18 - 21 boards to make sure you can be on your way as close to 9:30 pm as possible.  As for the OPEN game - to get this game underway we have some BoGo (Buy one, Get one) coupons attached.  This week is a SPECIAL Canadian Open Pairs game - which means TRIPLE points with all RED!!  plus the added value of the tables from the 99er section!!  Snacks, beer and wine will be available.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Bill and I send our gratitude to Victor, Steve, Doug, Carol, Jill and Nancy for nurturing our players.  Without these fantastic instructors - our game would never get better nor would we be able to cultivate such good players.  Thanks to you for giving your time to our 'up and coming players'.  If you want to improve YOUR game - drop into  any of our ongoing classes from beginner to advanced - please check the website to see what we have available.

SPECIAL GAMES THIS WEEK:  The last week of International Fund Month and Third Quarter Club Championships
games - at no extra cost have DOUBLE masterpoints and prizes for winners in each Stratum:
Monday Sept. 25 @ 12:30
Tuesday Sept. 26 @ 7:00
Wednesday Sept. 27 @ 9:30 AM
International Fund Games - TRIPLE points ($1.00 extra)
Thursday Sept. 28 @ 12:30
Thursday Sept. 28 @ 6:30
Canadian OPEN Pairs (RED - TRIPLE Points) Wednesday Sept. 27 @ 7:00 (OPEN Section only)

This Week's Bridge Quiz:
Partner open the bidding with 1 club and you hold:
         S J 8 3
         H J 7 4 2
         D Q 8 6 3
         C 8 5
What is your call?

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
We had an interesting hand today that proper play is based on just thinking it through.
South has opened the hand with 2NT and everyone passes.
YOU are sitting West you have to lead and you have to think

             North (dummy)
             S 8 5
             H Q 4
             D 8 7 6 5 4 2
             C 10 9 3
West (you)                               East
S K J 4                                  On the Heart lead East plays the H-9
H 10 8 7 4
D K 10 3
C A 6 2
          South  (declarer)
-    South wins the heart lead with the H-A in their hand
-    South now plays the D-J
-    As West what do you play?

With nothing better to do and not wanting to lead away from any of your honours to the strong South hand you decide to lead a Heart, which South wins with the H-A, at trick 2 South plays the D-J What do you play?  And Why?

Solution:  You must play the D-K you can see nine diamonds, the only ones you cannot see are the D: A K J 9.  The diamonds in the dummy are all little the only smaller one is the D-3 in your hand.  The suit will block no matter what - win the D-K and play another heart get rid of the H-Q.  If you duck the D-J, Declarer will play the D-A, then the D-Q, knocking out all the diamonds and will have the H-Q to enter the dummy for the other 3 diamond tricks.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio


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