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TIP OF THE WEEK: The STOP card - by now most of you have heard the ACBL has decided to do away with the ‘STOP’ card AT TOURNAMENT PLAY.  It is up to the individual clubs to decide what to do.  The Stop Card was to prevent undo hesitation or very quick passes – it was meant to have every player STOP after their right hand opponent made a jump bid.  Once the STOP card is discarded it will now be up to all the players to AUTOMATICALLY WAIT 10 SECONDS before making a call when their RHO has skipped a level in the bidding.  So let us all try and train ourselves.  ---Your right hand opponent makes a “skip” or “jump” bid  - you should always pause for the cause – wait ten seconds  (pretend you are thinking of something) before making your call, that would be a bid, double or pass.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT BRIDGE - 7:00 pm We would like to have TWO sections on Wednesday night - OPEN and 99ers.  This week will be an International Fund Game - so mega masterpoints.  There will be special snacks and the game is only $10.00 !!

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to all those that went to the Moncton Sectional.  It was in a very nice hotel and the committee did great work.  If you missed that tournament - come next weekend to the New Minas Sectional which is held at the Louis Millet Community Complex, 9489 Commercial Street, New Minas.  Come for the fun!!

SPECIAL GAMES THIS WEEK:  September is INTERNATIONAL FUND MONTH All Intern'l games off DOUBLE+ masterpoints

Wednesday night @ 7:00 - International Fund Game
Thursday night @ 6:30 - International Fund Game
Saturday (23), & Sunday (24) - New minas Sectional Tournament.

LESSONS are underway - don't forget all our classes accept 'drop-ins' so check out a class this week ($15.00)
Bridge Basics for beginner evening class begins this week on MONDAY at 7:00

This Week's Bridge Quiz:
We had an interesting hand today – that proper play is based on just thinking it through.
South has opened the hand with 2NT and everyone passes.
YOU are sitting West – you have to lead – and you have to think

              North (dummy)
              S – 8 5
              H – Q 4
              D – 8 7 6 5 4 2
              C – 10 9 3
West (you)                               East
S – K J 4                                  On the Heart lead East plays the H-9
H – 10 8 7 4
D – K 10 3
C – A 6 2
                South  (declarer)
            -    South wins the heart lead with the H-A in their hand
            -    South now plays the D-J
            -    As West what do you play?

With nothing better to do and not wanting to lead away from any of your honours to the strong South hand you decide to lead a Heart, which South wins with the H-A, at trick 2 – South plays the D-J – What do you play?  And Why?

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
Looking at the following hand which contract would YOU prefer to play in - 6 Hearts by North or 6 Spades by South?
                S – A K 9 7
                H – A K 10 9 7
                D – 3
                C – 8 7 5
  West                          East
S – 4                            S – 6 5 4 3
H – 8 6 5 2                   H – 3
D – K J 10 4                 D – 9 8 7 6 5
C – J 10 9 2                 C – K Q 4
                S – Q J 10 8
                H – Q J 4
                D – A Q 2
                C – A 6 3

Solution:  Playing in hearts you are on a 5-3 trump fit, in spades you have a 4-4 trump fit.  Which is better?  In the 5-3 trump fit you cannot DISCARD any of your club losers.  You definitely ruff your heart losers (which reduces your losers, but does not create winners), but have no where to get rid of your clubs losers.  In your 4-4 spade fit you can still ruff your diamond losers in the North hand, but now your can discard your club losers on your LONG heart suit.  The objective of this quiz was for you to SEE why - it is often better to play in your 4-4 fit rather than your 5-3 fit.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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