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TIP OF THE WEEK: You have often been faced whether it is better to leave partner in a 4-3 fit verses a 5-2 trump fit. A suggestion is that you should put partner in the 5-2 fit.  Typically declarer will have more control over the trump suit holding 5 of them.  If the opponents can find a suit to make declarer use their trumps – it is possible for declarer to lose control quickly.  Another hint is if you are declarer and find yourself in a 4-3- trump fit see if you can ‘cross-ruff’ the hand rather than pull trump.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT BRIDGE - 7:00 pm Last week we had our first TWO section game.  Section A was open, while section B was limited to players with fewer than 100 masterpoints.  Club Champions in A were Edgar Wolman & Peter MacKay and winners in Section B were Cathy Fultz & Eileen Cummings.  This week will be an International Fund Game - BOTH Sectionals.  Remember you are invited to stay after the game for a glass of wine or beer and rehash the hands.  It was a great night - thanks to all that came, hope to see you again this week.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: We all wish VICTOR LAMOUREUX the very best of luck as he ventures back into the academic world at Dalhousie. The good news is that we will still be seeing him on Tuesdays!

SPECIAL GAMES THIS WEEK:  September is INTERNATIONAL FUND MONTH - Three International Fund Games:

Tuesday 12:30   -   Wednesday 7:00   -   Friday 12:30
And TWO club championship games both on Thursday the 14th 12:30 & 6:30

BRIDGE in a DAY was a great success with many of the participants signing up for beginner courses - But it is not late to join a Basics class, just let us know.
This Tuesday at 9:30 with Victor or you can begin NEXT Monday (18th) at 7:00.

Competitive Bidding (Bridge Basics II) - STARTING Monday 11TH at 9:30 am.  Here is your chance to learn and understand the best 'pre-emptive' actions, overcalls and takeout doubles.
Popular Conventions (Bridge Basics III) - STARTING Monday 11TH at 9:30 am.  The FOUR most used and popular conventions are: Stayman - finding your 4-4 major suit fit, Transfers - allowing the big hand to be declarer opposite your long suit, 2-Club openings - How to tell your partner you have a BIG hand (22+) and where to go from there, Blackwood  - a convention used to find out HOW MANY Control cards your partner has to be bidding at the 6 or 7 level.
SLAM BIDDING - STARTING Wednesday 13th - There is more to slam bidding than using Blackwood - you can find out specific CONTROL cards by 'control showing cue bidding'  or how to investigate slams before you even get to game by using Jacoby 2NT, Splinters, and cue bidding - Wednesday 7:00 pm
Improve Your Judgment - Opening the Bidding - (Intermediate) Tuesday 9:30 am

This Week's Bridge Quiz:
Looking at the following hand which contract would YOU prefer to play in - 6 Hearts by North or 6 Spades by South?
          S – A K 9 7
          H – A K 10 9 7
          D – 3
          C – 8 7 5
  West                          East
S – 4                        S – 6 5 4 3
H – 8 6 5 2               H – 3
D – K J 10 4             D – 9 8 7 6 5
C – J 10 9 2             C – K Q 4
          S – Q J 10 8
          H – Q J 4
          D – A Q 2
          C – A 6 3

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
The opponents have bid to 4H. You are on lead and lead the C-A (perfectly reasonable).  After your C-A wins – how do you plan to proceed from there?

           North (dummy)
           S – K 7 4 3
           H – Q 10 8
           D – 2
           C – 8 7 4 3 2

West (you)
S – 9 6
H – 7 3 2
D – A J 8 3
C – A K Q 9

Answer: When your Ace wins it is very tempting to try the C-K but wait – there are five clubs in dummy if you deserve a club trick you will get it later (pretty sure declarer cannot discard the other FOUR clubs)!  What you must see is that dummy is only good for ruffing out the diamond suit – so prevent that – switch to a trump!!  And when you win the D-A, play another trump.  Now declarer can only ruff one diamond.  As it turns out, declarer can only win three spade tricks, the five heart (trump) tricks, and ONE diamond ruff for nine tricks – down one.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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