M C & G  Bridge Studio   3-Sep-2017

MONDAY - LABOUR DAY - The Bridge Studio is OPEN for both the afternoon duplicate game and the evening "Just Play Bridge".  Please use the door between Winners and DND = someone will be there to let you in.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Develop the habit of guesstimating the number of points your partner holds.  Start with what you hold, add what you see in dummy and then what you guess the declarer holds (you determine that from the bidding).  You may well be able to eliminate suits where you can see the Ace, King, Queen & Jack – and come up a possible holding from partner.  Practicing this may make it easier to decide what the opening lead meant, which suit to attack for tricks for your side – and basically defend better.

Calling all players with fewer than 100 masterpoints - come play on Wednesday at 7:00 - this game will have TWO sections! Section A = OPEN & Section B = 0-100 ONLY.  No matter how many tables - there will still be two sections.  Remember Section A players our masterpoint awards are based on the total number of tables being played.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: CONGRATULATIONS TO - Virginia Giza the TOP masterpoint winner for the month of August with 19.33 masterpoints.  Want to know how you faired  - go to www.bridgestudio.org and see the monthly winner and the year-to-date leaders under Races 70.4% game for Sue & Bill Ellis on Friday morning - Congratulations.

SPECIAL GAMES THIS WEEK:  September is INTERNATIONAL FUND MONTH, plus it is time to qualify for Canadian events. Here is what is lined up for this week.
MONDAY (Labour Day) International Fund Game 12:30 (triple pts. $1 extra)
WEDNESDAY 7:00 - Club Championship (prizes!!) for both sections A=OPEN & B=99ers.  Special snacks will be provided.

BRIDGE in a DAY - Saturday September 9th 10:30 - 3:00 (with hospitality & lunch breaks) FREE BRidge Workshop to learn the basics of the game of bridge.  Tell your family and friends - a perfect way for them to find out about the game you love to play.
Bridge Introduciton  (8-weeks course) (Bridge Basics I)  - Monday 7:00 & Tuesday 9:30
Competitive Bidding (Bridge Basics II) - Monday 9:30 am
Popular Conventions (Bridge Basics III) - Monday 9:30 am
SLAM BIDDING - Using Jacoby 2NT, Splinters, and cue bidding - Wednesday 7:00 pm  Specially designed for the Advancing student/player
Improve Your Judgment - Opening the Bidding - (Intermediate) Tuesday 9:30 am

This Week's Bridge Quiz:
The opponents have bid to 4H. You are on lead and lead the C-A ( perfectly reasonable).  After your C-A wins – how do you plan to proceed from there?

            North (dummy)
            S – K 7 4 3
            H – Q 10 8
            D – 2
            C – 8 7 4 3 2

West (you)
S – 9 6
H – 7 3 2
D – A J 8 3
C – A K Q 9

Answer to Last Weeks Quiz:  The contract is 3NT – the opponents were silent throughout the auction.  What is your line of play with the following hand after West leads the H4?
       North (dummy)
          S – 7 4
          H – 9 6 2
          D – A K J
          C – K Q 9 7 5
Opening Lead: H – 4
       South (you)
       S – A J 10 8 6
       H – K 10
       D – 9 6
       C – A 8 4 3

Clubs will be breaking 4-0, can you still make the hand?

Solution: This looks like a piece of cake – but clubs break 4-0.  If they are 4-0 with East holding clubs you have no chance – but if West has the 4 clubs you can still make it.  Here is the full deal:
              S – 7 4
              H – 9 6 2
              D – A K J
              C – K Q 9 7 5
West                       East
S – K 3                   S – Q 9 5 2
H – A J 7 4 3          H – Q 8 5              
D – 8 2                   D – Q 10 7 5 4 3   
C – J 10 6 2           C - ----                   
              S – A J 10 8 6
              H – K 10
              D – 9 6
              C – A 8 4 3
The  ‘general rule’ of thumb is that when you have TWO high honours on one side and ONE high honour on the other side – play the side with two high honours first.  UNLESS of course you are missing TWO high honours.  In this hand you should be able to see that after you win your H-K, you cannot afford to lose any more tricks, because as you lose the lead the opponents are going to win their other heart tricks.  So “Take You Tricks and Run!”.  You have 1 spade trick, 1 heart trick, 2 diamond tricks and now you need all five club tricks – easy is they break 3-1, makable if West has all four clubs, and impossible if East holds all 4 clubs. So what do you do if you are missing TWO high honours (in this hand the C-J & C-10), you must  KEEP TWO!  The only way to get all the clubs is to KEEP the two touching honours – first play the C-A, when East shows out you can play low to dummy, just beating whatever club they play - come back to your hand and do it again.  So add to the ‘general rule’.  When missing TWO honours, keep TWO honours.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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