M C & G  Bridge Studio   27-Aug-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: A.V.B.A.F. an acronym that I learnt from Gerry Callaghan and Mike Betts. This simply stands for All Vague Bids Are Forcing.  In other words, if partner makes a bid and you have NO idea what it means – DON’T PASS.  It has been my experience that most partners are much happier when they are a level or two higher in the right denomination than a level or two lower in the wrong one.   So mark on your convention card in the bottom right hand  corner – A.V.B.A.F. and keep your partner happy.  (Jerry Helms has almost the same acronym A.S.B.A.F.  – All Strange Bids Are Forcing)

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Many thanks to our Director on Saturday for the "End of Summer Bridge & Barbeque" - Derrick Broughton - it was such a pleasure to see Derrick back in action and he did his same wonderful job. Kudos to all that brought some of the wonderful snacks, and Bill & I want to thank everyone who came to the BBQ - JoAnne H. brought a wonderful salad and others broght very nice desserts - well they were a feast in themselves!  Thank you the to weatherman who finally gave us a sunny day.
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners:  A= L. Legacy, K. Macnab, B. Halliday, V. Giza  B= Gundi Husain, Mary MacKay, Winnie Nickerson, Bea Brown.  C=(tie) Ann Dicks, Cel Dicks, Linda Mills, Saron Grant & D. Schoen, Hazel Walker, Karen O'Driscoll, Sandra MacDonald.
TWO 70% games this week - Aug. 23rd - Shirley Johns & Dorothy Chisholm 71.16%; Aug. 25th - Sharon Gillam-Locke & Rose Stewart 70.67%
A correction - Last week I announced the winners of the "Up the Ranks" team game.  Robert Hubley was unable to play at the last minute and JoAnne Horne stepped  in - so the winning team was:  Gerald Latta, JoAnne Horne, Linda Smith, Graham Waters.

BRIDGE IN A DAY -- Saturday September 9, 2017  10:30 - 3:00.  Free Bridge Introduction Workshop.  Tell your friends, tell you family.  Bring them along for a day of fun.  Registration is appreciated - www.bridgestudio.org

LESSONS FOR THE Advancing students/players.    Bridge Basics  II - Monday mornings @ 9:30 with Douglas Hamilton - beginning Monday September 11th.  Bridge Basics III - Monday mornings @ 9:30 with Carol Hamilton.  For the Intermediate students/players  - SLAM BIDDING  using CONTROL SHOWING BIDS, JACOBY 2NT & SPLINTERS.  This is a new 6-week course beginning Wednesday September 14th at 7:00.  Instructor - Steve Anderson.  This is a new course and sure to bring excitement to your game.  Register  -- www.bridgestudio.org (or call 902-446-3910)

Here it is the END of  August - only FOUR days (& THREE games) left to qualify to play in the District finals for the North American Pairs.

Tuesday August 29th @ 7:00
Wednesday August 30th @ 9:30 AM
Thursday August 31st @ 12:30 (Last Chance Game)

WEDNEDAY AUGUST 30th "The Balon Buckley Upgraded Charity Club Championship Game"  Our tribute to Balon, who was instrumental in the forming the Bridge Studio 7:00

This Week's BRIDGE QUIZ:
The contract is  3NT – the opponents were silent throughout the auction.  What is your line of play with the following hand?       

        North (dummy)
        S – 7 4
        H – 9 6 2
        D – A K J
        C – K Q 9 7 5
Opening Lead: H – 4   East plays the H-Q
        South (you)
        S – A J 10 8 6
        H – K 10
        D – 9 6
        C – A 8 4 3

Clubs will not be breaking 3 – 2 – can you still make the hand?

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
Your Right hand opponent opens the bidding with 1-D.
What is your call holding:
        S – 8 4
        H – A K J 9 7 5 4 3
        D – void
        C – Q J 9

Solution:  Your overcall would be 4-H!  You have an 8-card suit – bid it.  Bidding at the four level puts the pressure on the opponents.  If you were the dealer you would also OPEN this hand 4-H.    Yes, it had the strength of 1H bid but you have NO outside Aces or Kings and it makes bidding much more challenging for the opponents.  Do not bid 3 hearts, and think you will come back and bid 4 hearts later – make your bid right away!!

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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