M C & G  Bridge Studio   13-Aug-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: There is so much with the game of bridge and that is why it has been around for centuries.  There are new books, new systems that are introduced almost every day.  Players hear about them and want to incorporate them into their system.  Playing with Steve Anderson on Friday – we did NOT even play Transfers – and we had NO glitches.  Steve reminded me that “It’s not the system that the two of you play, it’s how the two of you play the system”.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Thank you to Bill, Doug and Carol for helping out with the directing while Victor is on family vacation.  It is always good to have such fine help available.  CONGRATULATIONS to Bill & Sue Ellis for their 70.24% game on Wednesday afternoon.

Come and play at the Bridge Studio - SPECIAL GAMES THIS WEEK:

WEDNESDAY 7:00 -- NAP club qualifying game OPEN to all players.  Masterpoints are triple with 1/2 red & 1/2 black.
NAP club qualifying game for Under 500, non-life masters only (as of May 6, 2017)  Tuesday 12:30
FRIDAY - another chance to win those red points - NAP club game - 12:30
Up the Ranks 0-1000 Team game - Saturday August 19th.  Game time 12:30 - $12.00 per player

BRIDGE & BARBEQUE - Don't forget the "End of Summer - Bridge & BBQ"  Saturday August 26th. Silver Point Team game 12:30 at the Bridge Studio.  Followed by an evening of fun with the BBQ at Kathie & Bill's.  Everyone is invited.

This Week's BRIDGE QUIZ:
What is your call?  You are the opening bidder holding the following:
          S – A Q 7 6 5
          H – A K 8 7 6
          D – A J
          C – 9
Opener (You)    Responder (Partner)
   1S                         1NT
   3H                         3S

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
Let's get back to the basics and here is a quiz for ALL levels of play:
Your partner has opened the bidding with 3 Hearts.  What would you respond holding the following:
          S - A K 8 3
          H - 7
          D - A Q 7 5
          C - K Q 6 2
Answer:  DO NOT bid 3NT!!  Bid 4H.  Partner has just told you that they have 7 hearts and about 6 playing tricks – provided hearts are trump.  Partner has NOT guaranteed the H-A.  You have tricks in your hand that are helpful to partner.  You also have a 8-card fit in hearts – their 7 + your 1.  It is possible that in NoTrump you might never score a heart trick!

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio


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