M C & G  Bridge Studio   6-Aug-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: How to improve your game.  Many of you have ventured into playing (from time to time) in higher level games - that is a great start! If you do not do well, do NOT let it damage your fragile ego - you will improve.  One good thing to do is to try and estimate your scores.  Use a 4-3-2-1-0 scale.  If a hand blows up, forget about it.  The ones to be concerned about are where you gave yourself a 3 or 4 and received a 1 or 0. Go visit those hands online and see what went wrong.  Did you not get to your game contact?  Did you slip a trick in play or defense? If you need help in figuring out what you could have done - send an email to me or Jill. The disasters you will overcome with experience, the ones that you have no idea what went wrong are where you want to seek the answer to improve.

MONDAY - Natal Day.  We are OPEN for both the afternoon and evening "Just Play Bridge" games.  Please use the door by WINNERS we will have someone there to let you in!!

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Bill and I want to thank everyone for pitching in while we were away.  We greatly appreciate your help at the Bridge Studio.  Congratulations to both Victor Lamoureux and Trisha Malazdrewicz for being outstanding directors at the NABC - they have both received tournament assignments for upcoming Sectionals!

What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:
North American Pair Club Qualifying Games (remember these game pay TRIPLE points which are 1/2 red & 1/2 black):

Monday (7th) 12:30 NAP (strats are pre-set at 0-500NLM; 2500; & OPEN) $1.00 extra per player
Wednesday (9th) 9:30am NAP
Wednesday (9th) 7:00 NAP  ***PLEASE NOTE this is a PAIRS game.  But for all of you 99ers that have been coming out for the individual keep in mind that the bottom stratum is strictly for Non-Life Masters, give it a try!

BRIDGE & BARBQUE - at the end of every summer Bill & I enjoy hosting a BBQ at our home. Mark the Date:  SATURDAY AUGUST 26TH!   You are all invited.  We will have a TEAM game at The Bridge Studio beginning at 12:30 ($50.00 per team). I plan to make this a Unit 192 STaC game and award silver points.  (This STaC does NOT support our local unit and all tables fees are collected by this Montreal Unit)

This Week's BRIDGE QUIZ:
Let's get back to the basics and here is a quiz for ALL levels of play:
Your partner has opened the bidding with 3 Hearts.  What would you respond holding the following:
        S - A K 8 3
        H - 7
        D - A Q 7 5
        C - K Q 6 2

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
In the following auctions (just you and your partner bidding), what do you think is the meaning of the eventual 4C bid:
a- 1NT/4C...  GERBER looking for the number of Aces
b- 1D/1H/1NT/4C... No suit agreed upon, GERBER - *Note the bids of  2C & 3C have been bypassed, and those bids would be natural, making 4C artificial and Ace Asking.
c- 1C/1H/1S/4C... An unusual jump would be a SPLINTER bid again 2C & 3 C would be natural bids and 4C is artificial in this case showing 4-card spade support and a singleton or void club (Splinter)
d- 1NT/2H/2S/4C... No suit agreement already decided that 4NT here would be quantitative therefore this would be GERBER.
e- 1NT/2H/2S/3D/3S/4C... Spades have become an agreed trump suit 4C here would be  a simple control showing cue bid, showing slam interest and the Club Ace
f- 2NT/3C/3H/4C...NO Suit agreement.  4NT would be quantitative therefore 4C is GERBER

It would be a good idea to discuss these responses and last weeks with your partner to avoid confusion in an auction.

PS- updated calendar attached.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio


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