M C & G  Bridge Studio   20-Aug-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: Do not count anything for singletons and doubletons originally.  Short suits are valuable only when you have support for partner.  Wait & see.  You hold:  S-A764; H-3; D-Q874; C-10876.  Original count is SIX points.  If partner opens 1H, your hand had actually gotten worse.  If partner opens 1S, add three support points for the singleton.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: 70% GAME - Ann & Cel Dicks - CONGRATULATIONS!!   Saturday Up the Ranks - winning team:  Gerald Latta, Robert Hubley, Linda Smith & Graham Waters.  A nice win for Linda Smith as she has just gone over 1000 Masterpoints, this makes it her last Up the Ranks game.

BRIDGE in a DAY - Saturday September 9th -- 10:30 - 3:00. Pass the word to your friends and family - FREE workshop with the basics of the game.  To register:  email: kmacnab@eastlink.ca    Online: www.bridgestudio.org   Call: 902-446-3910.  Ongoing lessons begin week of September 11th - full schedule will be posted this week

Your chance to win EXTRA MASTERPOINTS:

Monday at 12:30 - North American Pairs - RED/Black
Our Last Summer INDIVIDUAL GAME - come and play - Wednesday (23rd) at 7:00.  All levels are invited to play - have a variety of partners, test your skills, and have fun too!

BRIDGE & BARBQUE - Don't for get the "End of Summer - Bridge & BBQ"  Saturday August 26th. Silver Point Team game 12:30 at the Bridge Studio.  Followed by an evening of fun with the BBQ at Kathie & Bill's.  Everyone is invited.

(NEXT week is the Balon Buckley Upgraded Charity Club Championship.)

***Starting in September Wednesday night will have TWO sections - Open & 199er.  See our game schedule attached.

This Week's BRIDGE QUIZ:
Your Right hand opponent opens the bidding with 1-D.
What is your call holding:
        S – 8 4
        H – A K J 9 7 5 4 3
        D – void
        C – Q J 9

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
What is your call?  You are the opening bidder holding the following:
        S – A Q 7 6 5
        H – A K 8 7 6
        D – A J
        C – 9
Opener (You)    Responder (Partner)
   1S                         1NT
   3H                         3S

Solution:  As the opener you are pretty sure partner has only taken a ‘preference’ back to spades once you showed him you have two suits.  Partner more than likely has just TWO spades. As opener your next  call should be 4H to confirm a 5 card suit and now if partner has 3-card heart support they are comfortable passing you in your 8 card heart fit, rather than leaving you in the 7 card spade fit.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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