M C & G  Bridge Studio   9-July-2017

Coming up this week at the studio:

*We have 3 North American Open Pairs qualifying games this week (i.e. extra masterpoints, and open to everyone!) on:    

- Monday July 10th, 12:30pm; Wednesday July 12th, 7:00pm (*note that this is a PAIRS game, not individual); Friday July 14th, 12:30pm. Each of these games is $11 per player;

*Victor's HAND EVALUATION Workshop, Saturday July 15th, 10:30am to 2:00pm. For information or registration, email Victor at victor.lamoureux@gmail.com. The session is guaranteed to be fun and informative?

Congratulations to our new life masters... Frank Miller (life master) and Jean Cooke (bronze life master); as well as Rose Baker for becoming a bronze life master, and Dave Tanner for reaching silver life master... way to go Guys!!

Tip of the Week: as declarer, after the opening lead has been made and the dummy comes down, while making your plan, take a second or two to analyze LHO's opening lead... why did he choose that suit and particular card? Can you use the lead to your advantage? Can his lead hurt you if you're not careful? What's it all mean? For instance... check out this week's quiz.

Answer to Last Week's Quiz: you open the bidding 1D, your partner responds 1S; you rebid 2C, and she rebids 2H (Fourth Suit Forcing!). You rebid 2NT holding S-J5 H-A2 D-AJ1063 C-Q1092. And she now bids 3S. What is your next call?

ANSWER: Bid 4S. Your partner is showing a 6-card suit and game forcing (or stronger) values. She didn't just jump to 3S over your 2C bid, because that would not have been forcing (shows ~11/12 points). She has to have 6 cards at least in spades because she knows you do not have 3 spades- that would have been your third bid, not 2NT. Show her your 2-card spade support, and then she can decide whether to stop there or carry on to slam.

This Week's Quiz: After you open 1NT, partner jumps to 3NT, and your LHO leads the D-6. You are looking at:

Dummy: D-AQ105                                  You: D-8732  

How many tricks do you expect to win in this suit if you play your cards right? What card should you call for from dummy at trick one? Remember though to keep an open mind... if RHO unexpectedly wins the first trick, how many diamond tricks do you now expect to win (roughly)?

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