M C & G  Bridge Studio   18-June-2017

TIP  OF THE WEEK: As a defender - Avoid leading the LONG SUIT in dummy, unless you KNOW partner is short (singleton or void) in that suit and can get a ruff, or if you have a singleton and are sure partner can win a trick to be able to give you a ruff. If you think partner has a card to win a trick with, look for it through short suits not long suits.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Winners of  the Saturday Up the Ranks of flights  A/B/&C - Liz Cormier, Heather Farwell, Phyllis Spurway and Doreen Hamilton. Tied with the Fairwell team for 1/2 in A were: Margie Lawrence, Vernam Macleod, ElainE Black, Sheila Baird. CONGRATULATIONS!

A DAY OF BRIDGE - Benefitting Alzheimer Societies -- THIS Wednesday beginning at 6:30AM - Bill and I will be there - hope to see you.  We have 50/50 tickets and some excellent raffle prizes like smoked salmon, cheese cake, bridge pay card.  Don't worry if you did not get your dance card  filled  - we have fill-ins for all the games, or you might likely pick someone up from an earlier game.  Remember: Game times 6:30; 8:15; 10:00; 12:00; 1:45; 3:30; 5:30; and 7:15, all games are just $5.00 and they are Charity Club Championships!  PLUS you will be supporting the Nova Scotia Alzheimer Society.

What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:
North American Pair Club Qualifying Games:
Tuesday June 20 12:30 - this  will be for FLIGHT 'C' only, eligable players are NON-life masters with fewer than 500 masterpoints  (as of May 6th, 2017)
OPEN NAP games - Thursday (22nd) 12:30 and Friday (23rd) also at 12:30 - TRIPLE points - 1/2 red.

This Week's BRIDGE QUIZ:
Your contract is 6H.  The opening lead is the C-10, won by East’s C-A and a heart return.  Now you must win the rest of the tricks.  What is your plan?
       North (dummy)
       S – A 10 7 3
       H – K J 5
       D – K Q 3
       C – Q J 6
West                     East
Lead:                    C-A and returns a small club
       S – 4
       H – A Q 10 6 3
       D – A 8 6 4
       C – K 4 3

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
You are defending a 4 spade contract by South.  (South opens a weak 2S and North bids 4S)
You lead the H-K, and declarer wins the H-A in dummy and now plays the S-J, finessing into your S-K.  NOW you win the H-Q and H-J.  Your side only needs ONE more trick – what do you do next?
Here is the original layout:
        North (dummy)
        S – J 9
        H – A 9 5
        D – A Q J 7 4
        C – K J 6
West (you)
S – K 5
H – K Q J 3
D – 10 9 8 5
C – 10 9 7
Solution: Your first thought is to likely play the D-10 – hoping that partner has the D-K – but WAIT!  If your partner has the D-K they will always WIN it.  Declarer has 6 spade cards and 3 heart cards – they only have 4 minor suit cards.  If declarer has the D-K then they win and will now discard all their losing clubs, it can not be right.  On the other hand you are worried that declarer might have the C-A and get 2 club tricks – your partner will always win the D-K.   It is rarely correct to lead the long suit in dummy.  Before you lead it decide if it is possible for declarer to discard ALL the cards in that suit in the dummy.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio



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