M C & G  Bridge Studio   28-May-2017

Congratulations: to Betty McOnie & Sheila Crummell for a whopping 71.94% win this past Monday night- way to go!

And a THANK YOU to Victor who filled in directing a ton of games while most of our directors and teachers were cruising in Europe the past couple of weeks. You did a great job Kid!

What's Up This Week:

- There's three more Grass Roots games (extra Masterpoints) before the end of May-

* Monday afternoon 12:30,

*Wednesday morning 9:30am, &

*Wednesday evening 7:00pm.


Join us to play in the annual awesome World Wide Pairs bridge games-

- Friday evening June 2nd, 7:00pm, &

- Saturday afternoon, June 3rd, 12:30pm.

Play in either or both of these exciting games, and compare your results to players all over the universe! This event is fun for all- a bit more expensive to play- but comes complete with hand booklets with analysis.

Tip of the Week: Whenever there is an irregualrity at the table, PLEASE call the director. The way to do it is someone say "Director PLEASE" and raise your hand so we can see where the voice has come from. Despite that we used this tip fairly recently, there are still too many rulings being made by the 'amateur directors at the table.' FOR INSTANCE... if a club was led, the next player plays a diamond, then realizes he has a club, it is not acceptable for you to tell that player- "you have to leave that card (the diamond) on the table". You MUST call the director immediately. There's more to it than simply having an exposed card, and the actual director is the one to let the players know what's involved. Don't try to do it yourself. If it's an uncomfortable situation where you feel "mean" calling the director, you can say something like "I think we better get the director, just to be on the safe side." Our job is to make sure procedure is handled correctly, not to punish or embarrass anyone. remember... "Director please" and raise your hand... (no exceptions, even you 'A' players...)

Answer to last week's quiz:

You are defending the contract.  The diamonds you see in dummy is all they have, there are NO outside entries.  Sitting East which card will you play after declarer leads the D-10 and partner plays the D-3.  Why are you choosing that card?
                           D K Q J 9 8
West                                              East - you
D 3                                             D A 4 2
                           D - 10
What card do you play and why?

ANSWER- it looks like Partner holds an odd number of diamonds- 1 or 3- which means declarer holds 4 or 2. If it's 4 the declarer holds, it doesn't matter when you take the ace. But on the off chance declarer holds 2 diamonds, you want to win your ace on his second diamond lead, holding him to one diamond trick, and nothing more. Play low on his first diamond lead, then grab the ace on the next.

This week's quiz: Right hand opponent opened 1NT; LHO responded 2NT; RHO bid 3NT, accepting the invitation. What do you think might be the best opening lead from: S-J  H-965  D-J432  C-97532?

all my best,

Jill, filling in for Kathie and Bill

at the Bridge Studio.


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