M C & G  Bridge Studio   7-May-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK:  ACBL Guidelines for Bridge Etiquette and Rules:  When play commences, do not detach a card from your hand until it is your turn to play and you have decided to play that card.  Do not pull up a card, push it back into your hand, and then pull up another card.  Nor should you detach a card and then replace it to play another card.  Also do not detach your card before it is your turn to play and never rearrange your hand when you are out of a suit.  All of these maneuvers provide additional valuable information to the declarer.

KUDOS to Skipper Nancy and the Bridge Studio Aces:  The Bridge Studio Aces Make Memories Matter!
This year the Bridge Studio Aces topped their previous record raising funds for Alzheimer's N. S.
It was a misty, foggy afternoon but our spirits were not dampened, not when we were raising over $7,930!  Details to follow. In the mean time enjoy a few pictures (attached) and the attached "Care for the Caregivers" an ongoing educational endeavor as the Bridge Studio focuses on Alzheimer's disease. Your Skipper Nancy Fraser

This week at the Bridge StudioWEDNESDAY NIGHT TEAM GAME!!  7:00 This game is Open & Stratified and will offer major Masterpoints as a Grass Roots Team Game.  We have a couple of pairs dangling out there looking for team mates.  Jill and I are doing our best to put the teams together.  Please let us know if you want to play - we can find the team.  This is the first of TWO games. If you can only play one week - not a problem, just let us know.  If you want to play let Jill or I know and we will find you players!
Thursday at 6:30 - 0-999 Grass Roots Game!
GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS: Flights A (0-6000) and C (0-500, NLM) on SATURDAY MAY 13th START TIME 10:30.  I have a C pair looking for team mates - want to play - let me know.

For the Students of the Game:  The 'Planning the Play Workshop' was a huge success with lots of information for beginner players to advanced.  Everyone now has some new tricks up their sleeve.
Want to drop in to any of our classes - contact us and we can give the instructor a "heads up".  Beginner - Tuesday morning, Advanced Play theory - Tuesday morning, Competitive Bidding - Thursday evening, and Popular Conventions - Friday morning.

This week's bridge Quiz:
The auction -      W     N      E      S
                          1H     P      P     1S
                           P      3S     P     4S
                           All pass

            North (dummy)
         S – J 9 8 2
         H – A 7 6 3
         D – Q 5
         C – K Q 5
Lead: D – J
            South (you)
         S – A Q 10 6 5
         H – J 4
         D – A 7 2
         C – 7 6 2
When West leads the D-J and you cover with North’s D-Q, East plays the D-K, you win the D-A.
How do you plan to make 10 tricks?

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
You are in a  6 H contract, and the opening lead is the H-5.  What is your ‘line of play’?

         North (dummy)
         S – K Q 7 5
         H – 9 6 3
         D – A J 4
         C – A K 6
Lead: H-5
         South (you)
         S – ----
         H – A K Q J 10 8 4
         D – K 7 3
         C – J 10 9

Solution: Your contract looks pretty secure – as  long as you can avoid losing a diamond or a club.  Which finesse should you try?  NEITHER – draw trumps ending in dummy with the H-9, Now play the S-K.  If East plays the Ace, you ruff! Later discard your diamond loser on the winning S-Q, you can now take the club finesse for 13 tricks.  If North does not play the Ace, discard a minor suit loser, while losing the trick (loser on a loser) to West, go back to dummy to discard your other loser on the good S-Q, 12 tricks for your side.
See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio


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