M C & G  Bridge Studio   16-Apr-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK:  When partner leads a Jack and the King and a couple of small cards appear in dummy, think twice before playing your ACE when declarer plays low.  Partner's lead of the Jack is likely from J, 10 no Queen. No Queen in dummy or your hand – declarer has the Queen.  If you win your Ace – declarer will win 2 tricks in that suit.  Keep your Ace to beat the King!  Occasionally there is a good reason to rise Ace – that would be if you deem it necessary to win quickly and lead through declarer to partner’s suit!

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Victor and  his Grandmother (Lynn) finally won an Up the Ranks, thanks of course to their teammates, Linda Walker and Marilyn Bernardo. This was Lynn's final Up the Ranks as she won enough points to put her  over 1000 Masterpoints. CONGRATULATIONS to Russell Stacey, Christine Webb, Karen Low & Doug  Currie who were FIRST in both B & C flights.

THE ALZHEIMER'S WALK - Get on the Team and walk with us on Sunday May 7th.
The Bridge Studio Aces are back again for this, our tenth year supporting Alzheimer's Nova Scotia.  And would you believe we have already raised $3,535 without even breaking a literal sweat? This takes our grand ten year total for The Walk to over $40,000. Woo-hoo!
If you walk, share or donate you are a member of the team.
Open this link to support the Alzheimer's Walk 2017
New this year is an educational component to the Bridge Studio Aces' updates.  Check out attached "Dementia Communication".
Please and thanks - Nancy Fraser  

BRIDGE WORKSHOP - PLANNING THE PLAY of the HAND in a Nutshell.  Saturday May 6th 10:00 - 1:30.
Our bridge course is over and there were so many things we want to share.  I have chosen the best 'points of interest' and the best 'hands' to help everyone improve there declarer play!   Join us on Saturday May 6th for this 3 1/2 hour clinic.  Bring your own lunch, coffee and snack provided.  $17.50 per person.  See attached flyer for more information or <Click here for info>

Bridge Basics III - Popular Conventions.  Rounding out the Bridge Basics program - Victor Lamoureux  will be presenting "Popular Conventions" on Friday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30.  Cost of this 8 week course is $100.00.  Please contact Victor to register or further questions - victor.lamoureux@gmail.com

This week at the Bridge Studio:
MONDAY - Helen Sheilds Rookie/Master game 7:00.  If you have signed up - you are on the list.  Partners and Seating arrangements are attached.
WEDNESDAY 7:00 - Charity Club Championship (only Alliumphobians do not like this day) - Soup & Sandwiches await - then Bonus points night.
SATURDAY 22nd & SUNDAY 23rd - The 3rd Annual 299er Sectional Tournament in Moncton (Golf & Country Club).  Silver points!!

This week's bridge Quiz:
How do you play this combination to ensure winning THREE tricks?  You can afford to lose one trick to either opponent and you have several entries to both hands.
C – J 6 4 3
C – A K 9 2

Solution to last week's Quiz:
You are declarer with the following hand.  The contract is 2 Spades.

          North (dummy)
          S – 10 4 2
          H – K Q 6 2
          D – A K 7 5 3
          C – 8
Lead: H-J
           South (you)
          S – A 8 7 3
          H – 7 4 3
          D – J
          C – A 7 6 5 3
North opens with 1D and South bids 1S, and North with nothing better to do bids 2S.
What is your 'Line of Play'?
Answer:  It is usually right when playing in a 4-3 fit to ruff what you can in the dummy (short trump suit here) hand.  East wins the H-Q with the H-A and returns a trump (best play).  South wins the S-A now should play C-A and ruff a club, Now play the D-A&K discarding a heart, now ruff a diamond. Club ruff, and the H-K and heart ruff.  Voila – 9 tricks.  This is the type of hand when it is not right to pull trump first.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
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