M C & G  Bridge Studio   26-Mar-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: A negative double, followed by a bid of a suit tends to show weakness, not strength.  For example your partner opens 1D and RHO overcalls 1S and you hold SIX hearts A K 10 9 7 4 and you do not have enough values to bid at the 2 level, but want your hearts mentioned.  You can make a negative double, partner will likely bid a minor or NT and on your next bid you can bid 2H showing 6 hearts and a hand not strong enough to freely bid at the two level.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: KUDOS to all those who volunteered their time and energy for the successful Winter Sectional tournament - this year at the WTCC. The Tournament was great and Sunday's lunch looked delicious. CONGRATULATIONS to all you Master points winners.

MONDAY evening - 7:00 - "Just Play Bridge" - Liz want's everyone to know that she will be back in charge this Monday and has another Pearl of Wisdom for everyone.
Wednesday night 7:00 will be a UNIT club championship game - extra points and don't forget to come early for a bite of dinner, have a wine or cold beer ($2.50)
Thursday at 6:30 - 0-1000 Club Championship with PRIZES for the winners.
THURSDAY at 7:00 - all students are invited to come and play (6:30) we will have a separate section for BEGINNERS ONLY and I will have 12 special hands that fit what has been learned in Bridge Basics - regular playing fees apply.
Friday 9:30am - Club Championship - and a reminder as it is "Back Up Your Computer" Day.

BRIDGE in a DAY - SATURDAY APRIL 1ST, 10:30 - 2:30..  FREE Workshop, bring your own lunch.  This is the perfect opportunity to have your friends and family come and try out our game.
ANNIVERSARY WEEK:  This year the theme is "Everything Canadian" - we will celebrate Canada's 150th, CBF's 50th and the Bridge Studio's 19th birthdays.  Festivities begin April 3rd at 12:30 - going all week long - finishing up with a OPEN Stratified TEAM game - 6 rounds of 6 boards with lunch, snacks and post game refreshments as we award the prizes for the week.

This week's bridge Quiz:
You and your partner are in a 3NT contract and West leads the D-K
What is your PLAN to make 9 tricks with the following hand:

   North (dummy)
   S K Q 5
   H A 8 6 2
   D 6 4
   C A 9 4 3
Lead: D K
   South (you)
   S A 7 3
   H K 9 3
   D A 7 4
   C Q J 10 5

Count your tricks watch our for the dangerous opponent.

Answer to Last Week's quiz:
The Auction:
West     North     East     South (you)
 1C       pass       1D         4S!
All pass

West leads the C-A.  Now you want to make this hand what is your PLAN?
         North (dummy)
        S 10 4
        H Q 8 5 4
        D 8 5 2
        C 9 6 5 3
C- A, followed by the C-K

         S A K Q J 8 6 5
         H K 3
         D K Q 3
         C 4
You know West has 13 points - there is only about 7 points left for east. Let's hope East has the D-A.  With that thought - you ruff the C-K and need to get to dummy twice to play diamonds toward your K&Q.  Ruff the second club and play ONE high trump from your hand.  Now play the H-K and hope that one of the defenders takes their Ace (West is the best) if so that will make the H-Q an entry to dummy. Win the next trick (they lead a spade win the S-10 in dummy) lead toward your D-K&Q.  If East ducks (as they should) you can go back to dummy with the H-Q and play towards your diamonds again. - my guess is that East  will take their Ace now.  Could things go wrong? Oh yes, East could have the H-A and refuse to win the H-K from your hand and preserve their H-A to win the H-Q in dummy.  And West could hold the D-A and prevent you from two diamond tricks - if  this happens - too bad, nice try, go onto the next hand.

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill
The Bridge Studio


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