M C & G  Bridge Studio   19-Mar-2017

TIP OF THE WEEK: A Negative Double is a great tool to tell your partner you have the unbid suits.  Beware - if you make a negative double and partner can bid at the one level you only need 6 or more points.  If partner must bid at the two level you need 8 or more and forcing to the 3 level you should have 10+ points.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: I just received a notice from the ACBL and CONGRATULATIONS to Mary Goodman our NEWEST Life Master - we will wait until she is home to celebrate with cake. Also congratulations to our new SILVER (1000 masterpoints) life master - Carol Weir and Ruby Life Master (1500 Mstpts) Kristie Misener. UP the RANKS winners on Sunday - Linda Walker, Marilynb Bernardo, Michael Ross & Daniel Labrie.

ANNIVERSARY WEEK - APRIL 3 - 8th "Everything Canadian"

ROTORY CLUB TOONIE DRAW - WOW!! - Dartmouth Rotary Club toonie draw - $2,175. Have your toonie in by Tuesday noon!


First day of spring is on Tuesday March 21st - let us help it along with a Club Championship game - 7:00
Thursday is a Charity Club Championship - 6:30 pm and National Chip and Dip Day!!
Wednesday - we have a nice warm light dinner which will be ready for 6:40, beer & wine available as well.
The Joe Currie Sectional Tournament begins Friday (thru to Sunday) at 1:30 at the World Trade and Convention Centre.
The 99er game is still on at 9:30 Friday morning - however the afternoon game is cancelled.


The Auction:
West     North     East     South (you)
 1C       pass       1D         4S!
All pass

West leads the C-A.  Now you want to make this hand what is your PLAN?

         North (dummy)
        S 10 4
        H Q 8 5 4
        D 8 5 2
        C 9 6 5 3
C- A, followed by the C-K
         S A K Q J 8 6 5
         H K 3
         D K Q 3
         C 4

What is your best chance for 10 tricks?

Answer to last weeks hand:  Last week's hand was given to your double dummy.  Double Dummy means you can see all 4-hands, so with this advantage can you make the following contract.
East Opens the bidding with 3D and sitting South you overcall 6S.  How do you make 12 tricks?
The opening lead from West was the D-4

          S 8 5
          H J 10 7
          D J 8 2
          C A K 8 5 2
West                      East
S 10 9 3              S   --
H  - Q 9 5 3            H 8 4 2
D 4                      D K Q 10 9 7 6 5
C J 9 6 4 3          C Q 10 7
        S A K Q J 7 6 4 2
        H A K 6
        D A 3
        C - - -

Solution:  This one is tricky - but here you go.  After you win the D-A you will win the two top Spades, noting that East started with NO spades, therefore West has 3.  East should hold 7 diamonds for the pre-emptive opening, leaving West with just one Diamond which he led.  Let West win the third spade.  If they lead a club, you discard your losing diamond and heart.  If they lead a heart you  will play the H-J, which if covered by East's H-Q, you can win and return to the H-10 to use  the clubs, or if the H-J wins (like it will here) you have found your dummy entry to use the clubs!

See you at the tables,
Kathie and Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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