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TIP OF THE WEEK: After the opening lead is made and you face your dummy – count to 5.  If partner has played a card before you get to FIVE – they have NOT made a plan.  You and your partner can agree to pay a quarter each time they forget to make a PLAN, you can save the money for lunch out and discuss the card.  Knowing what you are looking for, how you plan on making your contract and considering the order of play is KEY to good declarer player.  And even WORLD CHAMPIONS make a PLAN.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Thank you to Gerry Callaghan for creating the "Winter Classic Charity IMP Pairs Challenge".  To date 3 games have been played.  The two at the Bridge Studio (Sat. Mar. 4 & 11) had 6 1/2 & 9 tables.  Bridge Studio leading scores are: flight A: Kathie & Liz with 81; Alan Doane & Rod Mackenzie  with 66; and Mike Tanner & Gerry Callaghan with 56.  Flight B: Peter Rans & Wayne Hsu  with 32; Kent Ritchie & Mike Ross with 26. Halifax Bridge World has held one game (next one on Monday night - 7:00) and leading scores are: Flight A Dan Landry & Terry Shaw with 37; Alan Doane & Rod Mackenzie with 18.6.  Flight B: Peter Rans & Wayne Hsu with 22.6 and Scott Rappard & Val McClintock with 20.8.  Remember each pair needs a score from each bridge club to be eligable for the GRAND PRIZE.
Sending Good Luck to our players in the North American Pairs in Kansas City - Mike Hogan & Maureen Stiner and Kent Ritchie & Mike Ross.  As of this afternoon they both had over average games - let  us hope they can hang in for the finals tomorrow.

ROTORY CLUB TOONIE DRAW - worth over $2,000.00 - drop your toonie off by Tuesday at NOON.


Tuesday at 12:30 - PI-Day - PRIZES and Pie will be served at 1:59
Wednesday is the Ides of March - club championship at 9:30 am - coffee cake and prizes
Wednesday evening - $10.00 for dinner & bridge (7:00) - hot meal prepared for you for this Wednesday!
The Bridge Studio's official 19th Anniversary is on FRIDAY - 12:30 celebration cake and PRIZES.
Last session of the Winter Classic Charity IMP Pairs Challenge at the Bridge Studio is Saturday at 12:30.  It is a great game, great players and the best bridge this year.

This week you can have a “double dummy” hand.  (Double Dummy means you can see all 4-hands), so with this advantage can you make the following contract.
East Opens the bidding with 3D and sitting South you overcall 6S.  How do you make 12 tricks?

          S – 8 5
          H – J 10 7
          D – J 8 2
          C – A K 8 5 2
West                      East
S – 10 9 3              S –  --
H  - Q 9 5 3            H – 8 4 2
D – 4                      D – K Q 10 9 7 6 5
C – J 9 6 4 3          C – Q 10 7
          S – A K Q J 7 6 4 2
          H – A K 6
          D – A 3
          C – - - -
This year on our Grand Slam Adventure – we had 'Adventures in Card Play'.  The last class was  a challenge class – and this was the last hand played!  The students got it, can you?

Answer to last week's quiz:
This is the same hand you had as DEFENDER on Feb. 26. THAT declarer 'ducked' the opening S-8 lead.  But this week you declare the hand, what did you do?

The Auction:
East       South    West        North
  1S          1NT      pass         3NT
All pass
                North (dummy)
                S – A 5
                H – 9 5 3
                D – A Q 7 6
                C – 10 5 4 3
The  lead:
                 South (you)
                S – Q J 7
                H – A 10 7
                D – K 4
                C – K Q J 7 2

Plan your play.

Solution:  on the spade lead – WIN THE S-A.  Were you paying attention to last week’s quiz!  You know that East holds the S-K, and your heart suit is in jeopardy.  COUNT you tricks.  You have 1 sure spade, 3 sure diamonds, 1 sure heart.  You can develop 4 club tricks in clubs = 9 tricks.  Last week you played the S-5, saw East win his KNOWN S-K, and knock out your H-A.  So this week do not let him do that.  You will win the S-A, and set up your clubs.  Think before you play!

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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