M C & G  Bridge Studio   26-Feb-2017

Tip of the Week:  Evaluation of a hand at the very beginning is important but re-evaluation is an ongoing process and very important in every auction.  Calculating the number of tricks you can take in the optimum contract should always be the main focus.

CONGRATULATIONS! to Linda Walker, Kent Ritchie, Michael Ross and Daniel Labrie for their win in the 20 table Up the Ranks team game- way to go! Thanks to everyone who participated, contributed treats, and made the day really fun...

SPECIAL GAMES at the Bridge Studio this week:          March Calendar attached. 

Wednesday March 1st  7:00 - Ash Wednesday Charity Club Championship.  Special points for special people
Friday March 3rd - 9:30 am  "I want to make you happy day!"  Club Championship  (yes, there is such a day!)
Saturday March 4th, 12:30  The Bridge Studio's FIRST Winter Classic Charity IMP Pairs Challenge.  Come and play - TWO flights (provided that we have at least 8 pairs in each flight) Flights are over/under 1500.  Your scores will be recorded and combined with your score from HBW and the winning pair will receive $1,500.00 for a charity of their choice, at the end of the 6 game event.    SEE ATTACHED FOR DETAILS

The Auction:
East       South    West        North
  1S          1NT      pass         3NT
All pass
                North (dummy)
                S A 5
                H 9 5 3
                D A Q 7 6
                C 10 5 4 3
West                                   East (you)
                                           S K 10 9 6 4 3
The Lead:                           H K Q J 2   
S-8                                      D 10 8
                                            C A

After partner leads the S-8, declarer ducks in dummy, you win the S-K.  What is your next play?

ANSWER to Last Week's Quiz:     You hold the following hand:
                S A 10 9 8 4
                H A K 7
                D J 7 4 3
                C 3
You open the bidding with 1 Spade. Left Hand Opponent passes and partner bids 1NT. Now your Right Hand Opponent bids 2 Clubs.  What do you do at your turn to make a call?

Solution:  You should double it is not for penalty, but for partner to bid a suit.  The requirements for a double here are that you have shortness in the opponent's suit and can support the unbid suits.  Partner will pick a suit Hearts or Diamonds or return you to your known 5 card Spade suit..

See you at the tables,
Jill McCormick
(filling in for: Kathie & Bill Halliday)
The Bridge Studio


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