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Defense Workshop with Victor Sunday Jan. 21st  11:00 to 2:00.  Bring your own lunch.


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A Tradition of Excellence

Bridge Lessons at the Bridge Studio are headed by Halifax's best trained and most experienced instructors, all the instructors at the Bridge Studio are experienced, certified, professional, knowledgeable and of course friendly.

The best way to LEARN is to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY.   Join in on any of  our games specially designed for  the new  player.

Monday 7:00 pm -- "Just  Play Bridge".  A very relaxed game - move from table  to table, meet new people, ask questions, replay a hand.

Thursday  9:30 am -- Supervised Bridge  with  Jill -- Get a TIP at 9:30 Sharp  and then play some hands.  Ask questions or replay a hand

Friday 9:30 am - The 99er Game.  This is duplicate bridge with masterpoints, 18 hands to play from 9:30 - 12:00.  An opportunity to have the challenge of the game in a relaxed atmosphere.  Your friends await you at the tables.


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Play Bridge


   Monday 6:45 pm - Just "Fun" Bridge Game (non-sanctioned) Liz

   Tuesday 12:30 pm - Duplicate Game (limited to 500 Mstpts.) Jill

   Wednesday 12:45 pm - 299er Duplicate Game (limited to 300 Mstpts.) Jill

   Thursday 6:30 pm - 999er Duplicate Game (limited to 1000 Mstpts.)  Jill 

   Friday 9:30 Am - 99er Duplicate Game (limited to 99 Mstpts.) Jill



   Wednesday 9:30 AM - Stratified Duplicate (ALL L.M. strat "A") - Carol

        C= 0-100; B= NLM-500; A=LM  (stratifications may change to ensure three full stratums)



   Monday 12:30 pm -- Stratified Duplicate - Victor

   Thursday 12:30 pm -- Stratified Duplicate - Bev

   Friday 12:30 pm -- Stratified Duplicate - Victor



   Tuesday 7:00 pm  -- Stratified Duplicate* - Victor

   Wednesday 7:00 pm  -- Stratified Duplicate*  Doug 

   * Your Chance at a Lucky Score in either of these games.



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 Bridge Studio is CLOSED for Monday night 12-Dec !!!