Wednesday April 5th - Day 3


The Canadian Bridge Federation

This year the CBF celebrates its 50th Anniversary.  Canadian Eric Murray put the idea on the table to have Canada form its own Bridge League.  

TODAY your House will receive 50 points for each player who is a member of the Canadian Bridge Federation.

n  9:30 Open Charity Club Championship – A tribute to the many volunteers across Canada who give their time and energy to Canadian Bridge.  Check to see that you have a Maple Leaf by your name on our  Ranking boards.  Most of the morning players CBF members and their houses were give 50 points for each member!

 n  1:00 299er Pairs Charity Club Championship. I congratulate the players from this afternoon that are CBF members.  A reminder went out to all players that you do not have to be a member of the ACBL to me a member of the CBF

n  7:00 “8 is Enough” Team game.  The CBF celebrates its new  players and encourages everyone to Support Bridge in Canada.  All CBF members will earn 50 SPIRIT points for you House.   Great team game and everyone won a round - so masterpoints  for ALL players tonight.  REMEMBER TO PAY YOUR CBF DUES WHEN YOU PAY YOUR ACBL DUES.

SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS  -- Top Masterpoint winner today - Terry Shaw with 402 - keep it up Terry and bring those Totems back into the lead!.  Total points leaders: Terry Shaw (627) and Margie Knickle with 491.  

Tomorrow:  Thursday.  Let us look North - bring along your inuksuk and earn points for your house!



Team standings at the end of day 3:

The Beavers -  7,710
The Maple Leafs-  7,444
The Loons-   7,230
The Totems-  7,009



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