MONDAY  April 3rd - Day 1


Monday – Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday  

 Bring something that was “Made in Canada” to earn valuable House Points.

n  12:30 is a Charity Club Championship  - “Made in Canada”

Canada has many  songs other than our National Anthem.  Can your  house sing a song?  Do one for us all and win 75 Spirit points.

n  7:00 – Just Play Bridge.  Wear RED & WHITE – all players for bonus HOUSE points.  We want a GROUP Photo.

Celebration Cake and Ice Cream for everyone


Day 1 Recap: 

    The Loons started the afternoon with the most masterpoints in part to Jill's 1st place with an eager Beaver Bill H. while the Maple Leafs had the best showing for spirit points thanks to Sheena Mackenzie and her magically delicious Pina Colota Cheese cake to celebrate Bea's birthday and June with a fabulous chocolate cake to help celebrate Steve's bday, costume-wise - Nancy took the cake.  The Beavers made a valiant effort with their rendition of Canada birthday song and the Maple Leafs tried the hockey song - 50 points for each team.


    In the evening for the "Just Play Bridge" game there was a sea of red and white as you entered the room.  Trudy Hahn (loon) gave a great Canadian solo as well a group choir from the Totems with a Canadian classic about Beavers and Construction.  Leola Leck (loon) with Dorothy DeWolfe (totem) led the evening field with a 78.5% game to win 1st place.


It was a fun start for today -- Good Luck everyone.



Team standings at the end of day 1:

The Maple Leafs -  2,563
The Beavers -   2,425
The Loons  -  2,152
The Totems -  2,004



 Day 1 - MONDAY   Day 2 TUESDAY


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