Saturday  April 9th - Day 6


Revenge of the Sith” 

Anakin Skywalker is torn between the light and the dark side.  He soon pledges himself to Palpatine (Dark Side Lord) and is named Darth Vader.  Obi-Wan meets up with Vader and they duel.  Darth Vader is defeated and left on the Lava Planet to die.  But he is rescued by Palpatine, who rebuilds Vader in a black armoured suit.  Padmé gives birth to twins (Luke & Leia) and dies.  The twins are separated and Obi-Wan watches over Luke until the time is right to challenge the Evil Empire.

n  TEAM COLOURS – 25 Spirit points

n  12:30 OPEN Team Game.  Today is about TWINS, come as twins and earn 50 spirit points (each) for your house.  Best twins earn an additional 75 Spirit points.


The Heart of Bridge Award was presented today by Evelyn Campbell (last year's recipient) to a very deserving member of our bridge community and someone who really shows us all that quitting is not part of the game -- This incredible lady just sits down and play the game she loves so  much.

From all the members of The Bridge Studio we give a very warm and heart felt CONGRATULATIONS to

Bea Brown - the 2016 Heart of Bridge  winner

Evelyn Campbell presents the "Heart of Bridge" award to Bea Brown.  Bea loves bridge, she loves people, and she always has a smile.  Evelyn said that not only is she kind and patient  at the bridge table, but in life as well, as Bea  is always willing to help out anyone.  Well deserved Bea and congratulations.

Saturday update.  THE REVENGE OF THE SETH - Team Game.  First came in our TWIN Droid Space Cadets  - Linda Mill & Sharon Grant - garnering spirit points for the Droids - they looked great.  Then we had  our own Luke Skywalker (Stuart Eastwood) and Princess  Leia  (Nancy Fraser).  It was an exciting day  (pictures posted  tomorrow).  Lots of snacks for everyone and definitely lots of fun.  Team Games are GREAT.

In the end the victors were Gerry Callaghan, Bill Halliday, Judy Callaghan, & Mike O'Neil. Fifth place overall and FIRST in flights B & C were: Valerie Brisco, Don Lutz, Barb Fader & Carole Anne Patterson.  It was great to see  some of the newer players out - and some of you were lucky enough to have a match against some of the "Big Boys" - and held your own.

Bill is thumping away on the computer working out all the points accumulated today  - adding in spirit points and the awards for the Star Wars Trivia.  StormTroopers kicked butt here - but then Victor was on the team - 20 for 20.  The Millennium Falcons need another week as I am shocked at how little Star Wars trivia they actually knew!!

So the latest standing are:

Keeping their lead - The Jedi - 13,320
StormTroopers - 12,588
The Droids - 10,700
The Millennium Falcon - 10,035

Most Masterpoints won  so far (there is a game tomorrow) are by - Steve  Anderson and Jim Mathers very close and they are both StormTroopers.  Spirit Points Leaders - are Trish Hattie with Beryl Higgs not far behind.  Who will win the trophy tomorrow??  Great Costumes and home made props to everyone.  You can check the results for the last couple of days - attached.

Tomorrow is Sunday - THE GRAND FINALE.  Club Championship pairs Game - as the FORCE AWAKENS.  It is a fun game so I encourage everyone to come and play.  At the end of the game while our computer whiz adds up the points for all the teams and the awards will be given out for the top masterpoints and top spirit points for each house and the  overall  winners.  I will have some light refreshments, wine & cheese.  A club championship game from 12:30 - 4:00.  There is a scavenger hunt to win extra points for your house.  See you tomorrow.

May the Force Be with YOU,


Team standings at the end of day 6:

Jedi Knights  -  13,320
Storm Troopers -  12,588
The Droids  -  10,700
Millennium Falcons -   10,035




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