Friday  April 8th - Day 5


Attack of the Clones”  

Anakin Skywalker becomes Obi-Wan Kenobi’s apprentice and they are assigned to protect Madam Senator Padmé Aidala.  Between bouts of battling Galactic Empire, Anakin and Padmé fall in love and marry with R2D2 and C3PO as their witnesses.  Meanwhile an army of clones has been created for the Republic. 

n  TEAM COLOURS – 25 Spirit points

n  9:30 am 99er pairs.   Club Championship.   Bring a picture of someone you think should be cloned for 35 spirit points.

n  12:30 OPEN Pairs Club Championship.  Bring along your favourite droid to witness your own brilliancies.

n  7:00 – INDIVIDUAL Club Championship – Come as any of the Star Wars characters and earn 100 Spirit points for your House!  Wine & Beer and other bar snacks



Friday – ATTACK OF THE CLONES -  This is the episode when Galactic Empire makes an army of clones – and we had the morning players did bring in picture of who they thought should be ‘cloned’ – but most on the same wave length as it was, of course, pictures of their grandchildren.  Winning mega masterpoints for their respective houses this morning with a 72.22% game were Necia Amys and Lou  Ann Thomson.  The point getters for the afternoon had two heros  - Fred Muise made his creative mark with cloning 4 editions of BB8 helping the Jedi get closer to the lead.  And for the Droids, Karla Zwicker brought in Star Wars decorated cupcakes (75 bonus  points). Trish Hattie (StormTroopers) definitely wins the trophy for the best costumes all week – tonight she came dressed as Mauder Vader – and excellently done.  Masterpoint winners this afternoon were  Eileen Escobar (Jedi) & Menashe Cieplinski (Droids) and for the individual was Steve Anderson(StormTrooper).  Masterpoints winners today were  Jedi with 16.50 and the Droids received 13.91, StormTroopers 7.08 with M. Falcons at 6.61.  The Droids rallied to third place.  All will be revealed tomorrow for the TEAM Game  - 15 teams – 60 players.  Can the Jedi maintain the lead?  Will the Falcons overtake the Droids?  Can the StormTroopers regain the lead without Trish the “Queen of the Costumes”?

The currents Standings are:

Jedi – 11067
StormTroopers - 10054
Droids – 9076
Millennium Falcons -8317

Masterpoint leaders for the week (1) Steve Anderson 833, (2) Liz Legacy 829. Spirit Points(1) Trish Hattie 560, (2)Val Mcclintock 300.  Just two games to play for both Masterpoints  and Spirit points  for you  house.  Saturday the OPEN, Stratified Team Game and Sunday the GRAND FINALE Pairs game.  Saturday is always special as the past  recipient of the Heart of Bridge award (Evelyn Campbell) will pass the trophy on to a player that she deems, shows  what playing bridge is all about.  There will be hotdogs before the game and lots of treats for grazing during the game.

SUNDAY – game time 12:30 for the Grand Finale – the prizes and trophies  for the most masterpoints and most spirit will be awarded, wine & cheese will be served and the announcement of the  winning House.

May  the Force  be  with YOU,


Team standings at the end of day 5:

Jedi Knights  -  11,067
Storm Troopers -  10,054
The Droids  -  9,076
Millennium Falcons -   8,317



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