Thursday  April 7th - Day 4


“The Phantom Menace”

We now meet Anakin Skywalker, a 9 year old genius who wins a PODRACE and his freedom.  He begins his Jedi training.  Lots of healthy snacks to keep you fit for your Jedi training.  Jar Jar Binks from the underwater city of Gungan helps the Alliance defeat the Galactic Empire.

n  TEAM COLOURS – 25 Spirit points

n  12:30 OPEN Championship.  It is a PODRACE.  Bring your favourite POD for 50 bonus points for your house.

n  7:00 999er game – CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP.  What do you have from the underwater city of Gungan?  Bring it along for 35 bonus points for your house.

Thursday – THE PHANTOM MENACE – The Droids managed to rally today for masterpoint placings as they beat the field with a whooping 8.30 (Jedi 6.93; Storm Troopers 6.62; M. Falcons 6.49) this has launched them to come close to overtaking the Millennium Falcons – and a shot at one of the top two spots.  The StormTroopers did dominate the field today for Team Spirit points with the help of Trish Hattie and her Racing Pods picking up 510 spirit points.  The Droids are indebted to Sandra MacDonald for the ‘capes’ and other paraphernalia for spirit points – and for the first time the Droids had a daily lead for point total.  Masterpoint winners today were the Bills (Halliday & Cruden) for the Droids and the Millennium Falcons  (3.21)

The 749er game proved to be profitable for the Jedi as two members partnered up, Dickran Malatjalian and Cynthia Burney to come first for overall masterpoints for the house.  Some bonus points are still to be added to the totals but the current standing (midnight Thursday) are:

StormTroopers – 8671 – taking the lead
Jedi – 8492
Millennium – 7156 (closing the gap)
Droids  - 6960  (not out of the picture – we have the weekend to pull it off!)

FRIDAY – THE ATTACE OF THE CLONES:  Three Games to get in the money.  Droids – Falcons: here is your chance.  We have a lot of 99er players in these two Houses and come and play often to help your house.  Spirit points -- Bring a picture of someone YOU think should be cloned, bring your own Droid or come as any Star Wars character.  Evening game will have a little TRIVIA to see who has been paying attention.

Friday at 9:30 – 99er game
Friday at 12:30 – OPEN pairs Club Championship
Friday at 7:00 – the all important (and FUN) Individual game – you never know what might happen here!! Cash bar, lots of fun refreshments, and a game that invites EVERYONE to come and play.  It is party time!!!

There are 14 teams signed up for the Saturday TEAM Match (Club championship Points.  We have room for just two more teams.  Hot Dogs will be available before the game.  Lots of other treats  (remember bonus points for your team if you bring a treat or come as twins).  Saturday is also the “Heart of Bridge Award” – Evelyn Campbell will be presenting this prestigious award to whomever she deems worth.  

There is a basket of prizes for the winners – have you picked up your prize for winning in any stratum this week?   See the director J

May the Force be with YOU,


Team standings at the end of day 4:

Storm Troopers -  8,696
Jedi Knights  -  8,517
Millennium Falcons -  7,156
The Droids -   6,935



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