Wednesday April 6th - Day 3



Luke returns to Dagobah to finish training with Yoda, but alas Yoda is dying and shares some words of wisdom to young Luke.  The Rebel Alliance goes to the forest moon of ENDOR and meets the EWOKS who help in destroying the new Death Star. The final battle of good versus evil pits Luke and Vader in a lightsaber duel where Luke prevails over the evil Vader.  

n  TEAM COLOURS – 25 Spirit points

n  9:30 Open Club Championship – Sweet and cuddly morning.  Have some muffins, and bring your own EWOK for 50 bonus points for your house.

n  1:00 299er Pairs Club Championship.

Bring your best BRIDGE words of wisdom (35 points) to share and win BONUS Spirit points for your house.

n  7:00 “8 is Enough” Team game.  Combining the experienced with the newer players for more Jedi wisdom.  Form your teams, bring your light sabres (35 points) and enjoy the special team game.


Wednesday  -- RETURN OF THE JEDI  The Ewoks invaded the Studio this morning at 9:30, even though some of them looked a lot  like Chewbacca – but cuter.  Bill & Ruth Cruden, Trish Hattie, June Taylor and Sheena Mackenzie got top marks for light sabres and Ewoks.  Top Masterpoint winners  this morning were Hazel Harlow (StarTrooper) & Ann Quigg (The Droids).  Afternoon winners Shirley Leblanc (Millennium Falcons)   & Sandra Hanson (The Droids).  Memorable moments – Jill Tobin in all her glitter for the Droid Team, and Rudd Race’s “pod’.  We have some great words of “Bridge Wisdom”, not to mention the fantastic treats.

Wednesday Evening 8 is Enough” Team game had 10 teams competing for the top spot and the Winning team was: Jim Mathers (ST), Rosemary Sampson (ST), Verna Macleod (MF) & Brian Ferguson (M.F.). winning all four matches.   Congratulations to Bill Ellis, Susan Hill-Ellis, Liz Cormier, & Heather Farwell, it was very nice to see lots of new faces in one of our more exciting games.  Hazel Harlow supplied the StormTroopers with mini-light sabres.   PLUS we enjoyed Galactic Snaps from Heather, PB Cookies from Hazel along with Chocolates and Candy.

3 games, 72 boards, 96 players and 653.64 masterpoints for the day.  The StormTroops and the Jedi are in a battle for first place with both the Crew of the Millennium Falcon and the Droids catching up.  Two games on Thursday and THREE on Friday – and the Saturday TEAM game could be a real game changer (we still have room for a couple more teams, let me know).  So put on your rally caps, get those Star Wars toys and come out and help your House. 

THURSDAY – featuring “The Phantom Menace”.  The Pod Race takes place – Anakin Skywalker develops as a Jedi.  Bring in your own Pod Racer, or something you might want at the Underwater city of Gungan – 35 points for the special items.  Don’t forget to wear your colours!

FRIDAY - 7:00  - Party Time.  Individual Game (no  partner needed), EVERYONE is  welcome to come and play.  Lots of fun, play with everyone!  Cash bar, fun food, fun bridge and a Club Championship game to boot!! 

May the Force be with you,


Team standings at the end of day 3:

Storm Troopers -  7,875
Jedi Knights  -  7,397
Millennium Falcons -  5,983
The Droids -   5,930



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