Tuesday April 5th - Day 2



The Rebel Alliance finds a new headquarters on HOTH “the Ice Planet”.  If you wear a scarf today you will earn 35 Spirit points and if that scarf has your team colours it will be 50 Spirit points!  The treats today will be ICE CREAM.  Prizes for the winners!!

n  TEAM COLOURS – 25 Spirit points

n  12:30 Club Championship 499ers. 

n  7:00 OPEN Club Championship – Ice Cream & Prizes

BONUS Spirit points for any MILLENNIUM FALCONS brought to the game.


THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK – While abiding on the Planet Hoth (The Ice Planet) we had many players come with their scarves on – and in their house colours.  Rita Lajeunesse came dressed as Luke Skywalker and the ice cream treat was delicious.  The winners of the day were Linda Mills & Maureen Zinn.

In the evening the biggest hit was Beryl Higg’s fabulous fudge (garnering 60 spirit points for the Jedi).  Steve Anderson boasted the biggest Millennium Falcon and Trish Hattie came in a full StormTrooper costume.  The 100 point bonus was handed out to the few that had real Millennium Falcons but BONUS points went to the facsimiles.  Fred Muise won points for his creative adaptation of the Light Saber and his flying fighter pods.  After a scoring correction Liz Legacy & Steve Anderson were first overall with Glen Dexter & Margie Knickle hot on their tail.  Most SPIRIT points  for the evening were on the Jedi House  and they also won the most Masterpoints.  Putting the Jedi in the lead.  Another BIG win tonight was Mike Tanner & Gerry Callaghan, NO masterpoints but won the LUCKY SCORE for a total of $251.00.  (unless score correction).

The Planet of DAGOBAH – If you have the unfortunate fate of going down in a contract for MORE than 1000 – visit Yoda on the Planet to help you find your way to the light side.  There are two pairs that have had that misfortune – and they are with Yoda to help to be one with the FORCE.  Don’t forget to sign you name should you fail to make a contact by 1100 or more.


Team standings at the end of day 2:

Jedi Knights  -  5,054
Storm Troopers -  4,325
Millennium Falcons -  3,306
The Droids -   2,772

Wednesday – THE RETURN OF THE JEDI We meet a young Anakin Skywalker – he gains his freedom by winning a “Pod Race”.  Bring your pods for 25 Spirit points.  Light sabers for the evening game.  During the afternoon game or evening – anyone wishing to share a little bit of Bridge Wisdom will earn spirit points for their House.   I am still working on some teams for the "Eight is Enough" team game, so if you are interested in playing - just let me know (kmacnab@eastlink.ca)

May  the Force be with YOU.


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