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MONDAY  April 4th - Day 1



The Galactic Empire is about to destroy the Rebel Alliance.  Luke meets Hans at the Mos Eisley Cantina.  Come as an Alien (50 points & 75 for best) or bring your favourite ALIEN (25 points) from the Mos Eisley Cantina and earn points for your house.  

n  TEAM COLOURS – 25 Spirit points

n  12:30 is a Club Championship  - wear your colours, bring your alien and enjoy some Galactic Cookies

n  7:00 – Just Play Bridge.  Come as an alien or bring your alien, play well to earn points for your House.  Don’t  forget to wear your HOUSE colours !


Day 1 Recap: First day of Star Wars and for the afternoon game we were off to a GREAT start. Best Alien costume went to Trish Hattie (100 points for StormTroopers) and other StormTroopers, June Taylor and Joy Bookholt helped the House earn a massive 540 spirit points.  Also special mention to Val McClintock (StormTroopers) for her alien apparel.

The afternoon winners were Jill McCormick (StormTrooper) and Mary Lynn MacDonald (Jedi) but the most masterpoints earned in the afternoon were by the Millennium Falcons with 1025, the Crudens (Bill & Ruth) being responsible for half of those.

In the evening Just Play Bridge had 11 tables of enthusiastic players with many of them being Droids or Jedi. We even had Yoda come and play a little this evening (compliments of Heather Sandeson). The Jedi picked up most of the GAME points at 834 and the Droids most of the spirit points.


It was a fun start for today -- Good Luck everyone.



Team standings at the end of day 1:

Jedi Knights  -  2,146
Millennium Falcons -  1,979
The Droids -   1,558
Storm Troopers -  1,542



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