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Sunday  March 23rd - Day 7


“Spaghetti Westerns & Awards”  


            Please come at NOON for some Spaghetti!!  A little lunch for everyone.


Game time is 12:30 -- wear some Cowboy Boots.  Last chance for House Spirit points with some more TRIVIA.

Today is the day we announce the winning House - and the players who lead the masterpoint and spirit point races.

the Heart of Bridge Award will be presented by Peter Ineson, last years recipient - who will he choose to present this prestigious award to for 2014?


Post game social time with a cash bar, cheese & crackers.


    12:30 – Club Championship Open Stratified Pairs – cheese & crackers


SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS  -- The spaghetti was wonderful!!  But WAAAAYY better was the enthusiastic group that came to play.  With the scores so close the Outlaws and the Town Folk were having the final gunfight!!  Each house had an instigator come with more wardrobe for their house mates and things were getting spicy (and that was not the spaghetti).  June Taylor  has cake and Mary Lynn MacDonald  had left us some popcorn  - those treats were awarded 50 points each for their prospective houses - and that was for 3rd place.  In the end the Outlaws prevailed but only by a very small margin.  There were some last minute score changes this morning that made the race even tighter.  Once again I thank everyone for their hard work and enthusiasm all week long.  We have now ridden off into the sunset and the Outlaws will have their names on the plaque.

Special Highlight was the presentation of the "Heart of Bridge" Award.  This years presenter was Peter Ineson (last years recipient).  And he bestowed this award on a well deserving member of our Bridge Community, Hazel Harlow.  The members of the Bridge Community give Hazel a very warm and heart felt CONGRATULATIONS!!

Individual Awards:

Most Masterpoints: Outlaws - Stuart Eastwood        Most  Spirit Points: Outlaws - Ruth Cruden

Most Masterpoints: Town Folk - John Ayer                Most Spirit Points: Town Folk - Nancy Fraser

Most Masterpoints: Posse - Bill Halliday                     Most Spirit Points: Posse - Bill Cruden

Most Masterpoints: Cowboys - Rod Mackenzie         Most Spirit Points: Cowboys -  June Taylor


Final Team standings:

The Outlaws -   11,419
The Town Folk -  11,410
The Posse -   9,800
The Cowboys -   9,607



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