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Saturday  March 22nd - Day 6


“Welcome to the Rodeo”  


            Team Game Day!  Hot Dogs and Home Baked Beans!!   Be ready for some Western Trivia!!  It will be a house effort!!


      12:30 – Club Championship "Eight is Enough" Team Game!!

               Players with 2000 + Masterpoints = 3 points

              Players with 750 - 2000 Masterpoints = 2 points

              Players with 0 - 750 Masterpoints = 1 point

              Team total cannot exceed 8 -- the game will be stratified according to your team total.

              Can you make up a team of all your house members??  Last year the winning team shot their house into first place by having THREE members from the same house -- NOW that was clever! The Lone Ranger would have thought of that!


SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS  -- Today is our Pro/Am Team game -- 8 is enough style. Each team was a mixed bag.  No more than two players  with more than 2000 masterpoints on any  team.  14 teams played today.  Lunch was fantastic - and a big thank you to Dorothy Chisholm for the home baked beans!!  Dorothy also made a delicious cake and Sheena Mackenzie made cheese cake to help celebrate Hazel's birthday.  We had apple pie (a la Stuart Eastwood) and cookies from Sandra Wood -- thank you all.  It was a pleasure to see  the a family of players - Lynn, Victor, Vivian and VJ.  (Congratulations Victor on being selected for the Canadian Youth Bridge Team).  

Winning Team today - John Ayer, Stuart Eastwood, Cynthia Burney, & Gerry Latta

2nd place - Gerardo Malazdrewicz, Elizabeth Legacy, Carole Anne Patterson & Valerie Brisco

1st in flight B & C - Daya Pillay, Mike Covey, David Chapman, & Dorothy Chisholm

Honorable mention --Jill McCormick, Jim Mathers, Alexandra McCormick, & Brian Ferguson


Team standings at the end of day 6:

The Town Folk -  10454
The Outlaws -   10252
The Cowboys -  9397
The Posse -  8955



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