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Friday  March 21st - Day 5


“Around The Campfire”  


            Know any good Cowboy Jokes??  Bring one along today or tonight and if you get a laugh from the other cowboys ( and they are a tough crowd)  your house will receive 40 spirit points.

What's a campfire without 'smores --- don't worry if they look like Nanimo bars - we don't really  have a campfire  !!

      9:30 – Practice Play with Jill -- points  for students.  Toss the rings in  the hat for bonus points  -- 3 tossers per  house.

      12:30 – Club Championship Open Stratified Pairs – 'smores!!  (or Nanimo Bars)

               Tell a Joke and make 'em laugh - win some points

      7:00 – INDIVIDUAL GAME (NOT a Beat the Manager)  Individual Club Championship  -- Prizes for the winners in each Strata.  Open Mike  - for Jokes, but they have to laugh.



Friday night INDIVIDUAL – what a ton of fun – and the winner is (drat – someone on NO house) but the posse had second and third place were Lynne Tolson and Janet Ritcey – both Posse house members!!  20 players and a very social fun evening.  Many comments on why we do not do this more often – a social, fun no commitment bridge game  -- we will work on it.


We are into the end of the Anniversary Week Challenge – Outlaws are leading and the Town Folk are VERY close behind  --  the Posse has a chance – I have inside information that there is a HUGE posse team on Saturday.  Pairs game on Sunday – they have some TEAM strategies!!  Costumes – FOOD – team spirit COULD  be very helpful for your House.  [ insider information – the Cowboys have contributed a TON food for the Team Game on Saturday J]


We have 14 teams for Saturday – if you were looking to put a team together –not a problem if you ALL come in for the event – any team of 4 are more  than welcome J


Sunday is a pairs event –COWBOY BOOTS and Team Spirit will get your house some points - - - creativity for a winning TEAM!!



OUTLAWS --          8896

TOWN FOLK -        8425

COWBOYS -           7811

POSSE-                  7635


Team standings at the end of day 1:

The Cowboys -  0
The Outlaws -   0
The Posse -  0
The Town Folk -  0



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