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Thursday  March 20th - Day 4


“Wanted Dead or Alive”  


            Check out these wanted posters – who are these dastardly devils?  Afternoon game for open pairs and our NEW evening game with the NEW player limit of 750 masterpoints.  Bring a picture of a TV western star and identify their show & role for a bonus of 40 points for your house.  Come dressed as a TV cowboy for an additional 50 points.


Home made brownies!! 

      9:30 – Practice Play with Jill.  Theme of the day is TV Westerns -- bring along a photo of your favourite TV Western star for 40 bonus points (dress as a TV Western Star for 50 MORE!!)

      12:30 – Club Championship Open Stratified Pairs – Pub pies and Brownies -- fresh baked and ready to go!!   Dress as a Western TV star, bring a photo - bonus spirit points!!

               Check out the WANTED POSTERS -- how many can you recognize?  Compare notes with your house and whichever house and see how many you can get right - Spirit points to be awarded.

      7:00 – 0-750 players.  This game is open to all players with fewer than 750 Masterpoints!! How  to win bonus  points tonight  --  Come dressed as a TV cowboy  for 50 points, bring a picture of a TV western star and tell me their show & their role for 40 points! 


SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS  -- The Pony Express -- we had pony riders deliver messages to their house-mates!!  the Town Folk delivered the first message to the sheriff - and received clues for the people in the Wanted  Posters!! -- Some were easy to figure out (Cadet Doug Hamilton, School boy Stuart Eastwood, and party girl Sheena Mackenzie) - others (baby pictures) were not so easy -- but  it was a fun time trying to guess who was who!!  Today saw the Outlaws take the lead -- 8118, but the other houses are not that far behind -- a few wins to take the lead.

     TOP  MASTERPOINT WINNER TO DATE -- Stuart Eastwood -- 615 masterpoints

    2nd most masterpoints --  (tie) Bill Cruden & Ruth Cruden -- 385 masterpoints

SPIRIT  POINT  LEADER -- Ruth Cruden, Bill Cruden & Nancy  Fraser!!  


Team standings at the end of day 1:

The Outlaws - 8118
The Town Folk -  7061
The Cowboys - 6799
The Posse - 6277



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