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Wednesday  March 19th - Day 3


“Welcome the Greenhorns”  



A long day for the "New to the Game" folks.  In the morning we have some homemade biscuits with jam  (and molasses).

Cheese and crackers will be offered  to  the afternoon and evening players.  

The Afternoon game is for our Greenhorns - 0-200 only -- come and join the fun!!

Evening game is a chance for our "Old Hands" to encourage our "Greenhorns" - this year we are going to include all our Non-Life Masters as Greenhorns and all the Life Masters are the Old Hands.   We have some cheese, crackers and the wine & beer bar will be open as well.


Bring your pistols and earn spirit points for your house.

      9:30 – Open Stratified Club Championship game -- biscuits

      1:00 – Greenhorn Club Championship 0-200 - stratified.   Cheese & crackers.


      7:00 –Old Hands/Greenhorns  ( Pro/Am Pairs )  --  Stratified by pair average.  Life Masters & Non-Life Masters pair up to win Masterpoints for their house.  Bring your guns and wear your colours.  ***HINT - it might be a good idea to choose a partner who is in your house - you will earn double the points.


SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS  -- We were there bright and early - letting the cattle out -- doing the chores - we were graced with cheese cake (Elizabeth Carew) and great squares (Sheena Mackenzie) and the boss had freshly baked biscuits - with homemade jam and molasses!!  Who needed breakfast.  Outlaw Tolson - brought in his very tiny gun (we think it was on loan from a grandchild's lego )

Pro/Am Pairs -- the big winners were ALEXANDRA McCORMICK & PATTY GUTHRO --A Huge congratulations -- it is so nice to win you first game -- and in a big field -- even better!!

More Congratulations -- Hal Wood and Eleanor Luckhurst winning the Lucky Score -- $320.00 EACH -- not a bad night!!


Team standings at the end of day 3:

The Outlaws -   5,836
The Town Folk -   5.580
The Cowboys -  5,402
The Posse -  5,310



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