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Tuesday  March 18th - Day 2


“Get Along Little Doggie”  


        Time  for a day out on the Range.  Lassos today are worth 50 bonus spirit points.  To earn your colour points, you must WEAR at least one of your house  colours!!  House challenge today is to be able to "Rope  a Calf".  Just THREE members  from each house  will be designated lasso tossers.

Snacking on the open range we have some fresh fruit for everyone.

      9:30 – Bridge Basics 1 & Defense Class -- mystery board or a quiz to win points for your House.  Enjoy a morning quiche.  

      12:30 – Club Championship 0-300 stratified pairs – Fresh Fruit & Dip

               Lassos = 40 points - colours 20.  Just being at the game will win your House 5 spirit points.

      7:00 – Club Championship -- Stratified OPEN pairs.  Rope a Calf, wear house colours!!  Who brought a Lasso!!

                Fruit & Dip for all to enjoy!!



SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS  -- We had several players TRY and lasso the 'doggie' - the most successful 'ropers  were from the Outlaws - with 6 successful tosses.

We had lots of 'animals' in the corral -- and it was a  pleasure to see new players -Vivian  & V.J. Lamoureux in the game - they had the guns, the animals and dressed in their house colours - WELL DONE!

Close race -- get your house mates out to play!!


Team standings at the end of day 2:

The Outlaws -  3,723
The Town Folk -   3,333
The Cowboys -  3,192
The Posse -  3,090



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