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MONDAY  March 17th - Day 1


“The Big Round Up”  


            The Bridge Studio’s official 16th Anniversary.  We have Cake and a Club Championship.

Wearing House colours will add 20 points to your house -- add a Cowboy hat for 40 more House Spirit Points.

House Challenge -- pick FOUR members  from our House for the ring toss challenger.  Your house will win 50 points for every beanie baby that makes it into the HAT.

All masterpoints won in the afternoon will be multiplied  by 10 for house  points!!

Evening game -- winning pairs will be able to add points to their house

      9:30 – Early morning -- all Students can win points for their house, by wearing house colours  to class.  A little quiz for some extra points!!

      12:30 – Club Championship Open Stratified Pairs – Anniversary Cake!! -  Chocolate 

               Colours 20 spirit points, cowboy hat a 40 point bonus.  Ring toss for MORE points.

      7:00 – Just play Bridge -- our non sanctioned game will also be able to win points for their team - cowboy hats, ring toss and for the benefit of your house.


Day 1 Recap: What a start...

          Stuart Eastwood SCORES for the Outlaws and Linda Soulis SCORES for the Posse.  The only successful players to corral their farm animals.  We had  lots of cowboy hats and almost everyone came in their house colours  -- CONGRATULATIONS.



SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS  -- Afternoon Club  Championship winners were Del Knox & Bill Halliday -- it appears that not many of the Cowboys were  playing on Monday -- so come on folks - round  up those Cowboys and get in the game on Tuesday night.  The other three houses are very close in points -- but as always happens -- things can change.

The six table non-sanctioned game was great fun with overall winners - Sandra Hanson and Shirley Leblanc.  And kudos to Nancy Fraser - she appeared to her class  as the Preacher's wife -- country dress and all.  Which reminded me to NOT forget  my camera Tuesday night!!



Team standings at the end of day 1:

The Town Folk -  1,823
The Outlaws -  1,803
The Posse -   1,655
The Cowboys -  1,460



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