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WEDNESDAY   April 10th  - Day 3


It is time for the Mickey Mouse Club

    Wear your Mouse Ears, Can your house sing the Mickey Mouse club Theme Song?

      9:30 – Charity Club Championship Stratified Pairs   -- Donuts & Coffee.  OFFICIAL kick-off for our  Bridge Walking team for the “Walk for Memories”. $1.00 for each player will go toward our  NS Alzheimer Society WALKING TEAM!!

      1:00 – 0-199 Club Championship – Special Treats and prizes!  Win SPIRIT points for your house – Be a Mouseketeer!!  

      7:00 – Club Championship – Rookie Master Pairs game.  Each partnership MUST have one player with fewer than 300 masterpoints.  Sign-up sheet at the Studio.  There are lots of players looking for partners, so be sure to ask around!!  It is Adventure Day for the Mickey Mouse Club!!


Day 3 Recap: First - I did forget the donuts this morning -- but we had fruit and cookies - how bad can that be.  Next - the afternoon game had 8 full tables and all in good team spirit. And, last but certainly not least we had a very successful Pro/Am pairs game in the evening - 14 1/2 tables - with surprising winners and very surprising pairs that did not make the to three - but everyone had a good time and ALL the 'Ams' told me how much they admired their 'pro'!!


SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS -- So the Blue Jays did a GREAT rendition of the Mickey Mouse Club Opening March - they had the letters held high! high! high! -- It is supposed to be just a 50 point bonus -- but don't you think they deserve more --- just for the choreography.  The Robins - they sang us out tonight with the Mickey Mouse closing anthem - it was fun and yes, we did all have a good night.

Bill and I have all the masterpoints for the day and spirit points up to the evening game - but we are still working on the spirit point calculations for tonight and will update tomorrow.  So the current leaders do not include the Wednesday night spirit points - - - - to which I am sure the Mickey Mouse intro song is worth a gazillion points for the Blue Jay. . . just kidding. 

Team standings at the end of day 3:

Crazy Canaries 5800
Rockin' Robins  5144
Bopping Blue Jays 4115
Wild Warblers  4021



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