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TUESDAY  April 9th  - Day 2


"Let's Rock 'n Roll"


 Can you find an old 45s, what was your favorite song of the 50s or 60s

      12:30 – 0-300 Pairs Club Championship Game.  Lollypops & Candy.


      7:00 – OPEN Pairs – Club Championships & Lollypops

               Wear your house colours and dress for the 50s to win SPIRIT points for your house – Hair-dos too!

Day 2 Recap: The 199er game had  placed the ROCKIN' ROBINS in first place, but  the 14 table evening game once again saw the Canaries take the lead.


SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS --We had some great songs both this afternoon with the Rockin’ Robins attempting “Rock around the Clock” and the Canaries with “STOP! In the name of love”.  Of course the Boppin’ Bluejays had their own rendition of “Twisting” in the evening game but back came the Rockin’ Robins with their theme song.  I was surprised how many people still are hanging onto their 45s – but I saw lots tonight.  Lollypops and jujubes for everyone and even some good old fashioned Rice Krispie Squares J.

    The Wild Warblers have now captured 3rd place - but I hear the Boppin' Blue Jays are winding up so they can make a late game comeback. 

Team standings at the end of day 2:

Crazy Canaries - 3959
Rokin' Robins -  3569
Wild Warblers -  2412
Boppin' Bluejays -  2384


Day 2 Recap:  The Good and the Bad

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