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SATURDAY  March 3rd - Day 7




Dress in where you hail from. Family heritage, or born and brought up. 

Last chance for team spirit points!


12:30 Pro-Am Pairs - Club Championship with Random Draws.


Day 7 Recap: There is No Place Like Home

We have quit a great week for our trip to Oz.  I had the pleasure of giving out prizes to the player who accumulated the most points during the week - Congratulations to Bill Cruden.  Most master points won by Bill Halliday.  Jill McCormick as a last ditch effort had the Scarecrow team sing "Over the Rainbow" - but it was decided they needed a little practice.  Trish Hattie worked hard for the Tinman team with a great Tinman costume and she brought along a miniature Emerald City.  Arriving incognito was another Tinman but it was soon realized that it was Liz Legacy.  


        "The Heart of Bridge - MCG Anniversary Week Award" was presented by Kathie to Nancy L. Fraser.  Nancy has been Kathie's 'go-to' person for many years and now as a new teacher and a major contributor to the education portion of the Studio Kathie felt out Nancy was a deserving recipient - Who will Nancy decide is most deserving to receive this award ? 


"This is the second year for the Heart of Bridge award, and as last year's recipient, I was entrusted with passing on this honour to whomever I felt represented the heart of this game we call Bridge.  No easy task. My only guideline is in the name of the award itself, The Heart of Bridge.

And the award goes to....Bill Murphy, aka Murph.

Murph, a mere eighty-eight years old, wondered into the Bridge Studio some ten years ago and he's been finding his way to 4 or 5 South ever since.

Back in 1950 Murph learned his way around a deck of cards in the Royal Canadian Navy by watching the venerable Joe Currie. (By the way, Murph claims he's never learned to play Bridge.) But it's not stamina at 4/5 South that I am acknowledging. It is heart.

Murph really keeps this game in perspective for me. He's there for the fun and enjoyment, and truly doesn't personalize those perceived successes and failures that come with each hand. When I arrive at his table with my own bridge baggage, there's Murph chuckling at it all and reminding me that it's a game. Thanks, Murph.

So now if you know Murph, congratulate him on being The Heart Of Bridge. If you know Murph and you're a girl, give him a hug, because that's another little something from which he gets fun and enjoyment.

Health & Sunshine

Nancy Fraser"

Team standings at the end of day 7:

Dorothy's Team -  16321
Cowardly Lion's Team - 15729
Cowardly Lion 's Team - 15155
Scarecrow's Team - 14090



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