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FRIDAY  March 2nd - Day 6


The Emerald City and the Great and wonderful Oz"


What does The Emerald City remind you of? Is there a warning in the sky.


 9:30 Practice Pairs


12:30    Stratified Open Pairs - Club  Championship


 7:00 Beat the Manager - Club  Championship   


Day 6 Recap:  The Emerald City and the Great and wonderful Oz


Friday afternoon saw many versions of the Emerald City, Jill was in the teaching room, working on her project to try and garner extra points for the Scarecrow team. The Great and Wonderful Oz was available for the evening "Beat the Manager" - only TWO free plays were given out - Terry Shaw and Carol Hamilton.

Club Champions for the afternoon -  Stuart Eastwood & Mary MacKay

Club Champion for the evening - Terry Shaw


Team standings at the end of day 6:

Dorothy's Team -  Leading
Cowardly Lion's Team - Close second
Tin Man - Third place
Scarecrow's Team - not far behind 4th



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